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by Cheryl Ann Stopper, CSUN M. A. in Special Education Dr. Stopper is a traditional Doctor of Naturopathy, who taught school for 14 years, and tutored reading for 13 years.
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Emotional Blocks


     1.  Purpose

     2.  Preparation

     3.  Procedure

     4.  Successive Enemas

     5.  Maintenance Enemas

Eyes and Ears


     1.  Jobs of the Adrenals and Thyroid

     2.  Nutritional Needs of the Adrenals and Thyroid

     3.  Temporary Relief from Fatigue


Fire Ant Bite Remedy


Gums and Teeth

Hair Falling Out

Heart Issues

Herpes and Other Viruses

Hiatal Hernia

Immune System:

     1.  Includes Lymphatic Drainage

     2.  Comparison of Exercise for the Immune System and the Heart:

          inversion table, walking in a pool or on a treadmill, yoga, rebounder, chi machine

Healthy INSECT Repellant

Kidney Issues




Using this Page

1.    TEST YOURSELF:  This heading shows ways to test if you have symptoms of this condition.   

2.    HELP YOURSELF:  This heading shows ways you can TEMPORARILY relieve this problem.  However, if this problem continues, you probably have an infection.

3.  TEST THIS YOURSELF:  This heading shows ways to test if I am right.

4.  Topic words are underlined in paragraphs lacking green or red type for ease of scanning.

5.  The organs, glands and systems talked about are blue.  The medical terminology that might be used to label the conditions, problems or infections talked about are red, for example:

         Medical doctors separate the body into discrete parts and label each condition or problem, for example gout.  Holistic doctors, however, view the body as an interdependent whole with each part dependent upon and supporting the other parts.  Therefore, instead of a label such as gout, a holistic doctor would say there are high uric acid levels throughout the body, which is usually caused by systemic pH being too low for too long, fostering bacteria, virus, parasites and infection.  The thyroid stepped in to help the adrenals fight infections and eventually turned down metabolism.  A slowed metabolism means everything slows down, including brain function, reaction time and the ability of the body to remove as much uric acid, which tends to pool in the lower extremities, like the large toe  (See Digestive heading).


6.  Many paragraphs refer to other headings in an effort to avoid duplication.


         The body’s prime directive is to maintain proper blood sugar to the brain.  It takes the body seven seconds to convert processed - white - flour into glucose.  And white sugar - and all of its cousins, such as fructose and corn syrup - is essentially glucose.  When a healthy body occasionally receives too much glucose, the pancreas sends insulin made from the protein that we eat to store the glucose as fat.  However, the pancreas is susceptible to the same bacterial infection as the heart, the gums, the prostate and the kidneys.  An infected pancreas is less exacting in providing insulin to the blood.

1.    When too little insulin is provided, too little glucose is removed from the blood.  Then the pancreas will send more insulin to solve the problem.

2.    When too much insulin is provided, too much glucose is removed from the blood.  Then the adrenals are forced to come to the rescue by boosting the blood with emergency stores of glycogen.

         When the adrenals must boost the blood with emergency stores of glycogen too often, the adrenals become exhausted. (See Fatigue heading to understand the adrenals better).  Exhausted adrenals are unable to boost the blood with as much glycogen, resulting in hypoglycemia - low blood sugar.  Low blood sugar means fewer nutrients are being provided to the brain, which results in low brain function and poor memory.

         The second job of the adrenals is to fight infection.  Exhausted adrenals cannot help an infected pancreas, which then becomes less and less able to keep up with the body’s need for insulin when too much processed white flour and sugar are eaten.  Then blood sugar levels rise too high for too long, which can exhaust the pancreas, causing diabetes.  Type II diabetes is now reaching nearly epidemic proportions - even showing up in children.



TEMPORARILY support your body by:

1.    Switching your main liquid refreshment to Honey Ginseng green tea and slowly increase liquid intake to half of your body weight in ounces.  Ginseng especially supports the kidneys and adrenals.  Ginseng is also a blood builder and brain tonic. 

2.    Doing a weekly castor oil pack on your kidneys and adrenals. (See Cancer heading for directions.)


         Diarrhea is the body's way of flushing something it does not like (See Toxins in Anti-aging heading).  So the question becomes:  What is the body trying to flush?  Alternating bouts of diarrhea and constipation are a common symptom of parasites.

         HELP YOURSELF:  Do an enema - NOT a coffee enema, unless you are sure you do NOT have gallstones - in the morning and evening for two days to help your body get rid of what it does not like.  Follow the coffee enema instructions leaving out the coffee (See Enema heading).


         HELP YOURSELF:    Toxins accumulate, cause pain and attract bacteria, virus and parasites, because toxins are highly acidic (See Toxins in Anti-aging heading).  Negative emotions make us tense, and a tense body releases toxins  from its cells more slowly than does a relaxed body.  Don't believe me?  Ask a massage therapist if a massage works MUCH better on a relaxed body.  Therefore, daily spend time doing whatever relaxes you and makes you happy.  Walk in natural surroundings and observe the animals, plants and sky.  Garden and listen to the birds.  Go to church.  Can't get out much?  Watch Joel Osteen on TV.  Collect movies that make you laugh.  Adopt a low key, very relaxed pet; and watch Dog Whisperer on TV.  Give and receive funny and inspirational emails.  Enjoy life!  Life isn't over just because you are sick or in pain.  The only thing you can count on in life is CHANGE.  You may think you are miserable and getting worse, but don't say that outloud.  But when you think something nice or funny, say that outloud.  And don't be afraid to laugh loudly and long - no matter what your teeth look like.  Laughter attracts people much more than bad teeth or extra weight repels them.  The worse you feel, the better you should dress.  And ladies, putting on your makeup whether you are going out or not will probably make you feel better.  It does me!

         People do carry emotion in their bodies.  35 years ago I saw an acupuncturist for back pain a year after I flew over 70 feet thru the air in a freeway traffic accident.  I mentioned the numbness in my thigh to the acupuncturist because it was caused by the same traffic accident that was causing my back pain.  The acupuncturist casually stuck a needle into the middle of the numb area on my thigh.  Then he left the room - for which I was very glad.  I could feel no pain whatsoever in that area of my thigh but could not stop crying for nearly ten minutes.  My husband had died in that car accident.  The 8”x10” area on my thigh incidentally recovered all feeling after I became a Naturopathic Doctor, did well over a dozen mudpacks on the area and used product for over a year.

         Further, 82% of 172 cancer patients in a clinic QRA tested 'no' to “Now I can be completely healthy” - even though they had come to the clinic to pay to become healthy. 

        QRA practitioners use the Emotional Repolarization Technique, ERT, to help clients overcome emotional blocks, because it is fast, efficient, repeatable and checkable.  Other excellent QRA practitioners will show a need for the same concepts, and clients QRA test strong after a month of working on prior weak concepts.

         The ERT procedure aligns meridians using a QCI vial, which enables the body to accept the sentences being said much more readily.  The most common sentences that need repeating twice a day for 30 days usually involve loving and forgiving self and/or others.  Forgiving others in this way is not meant to help others.  FORGIVENESS IS A GIFT WE GIVE OURSELVES.  Forgiving others takes burdens from the heart and pain from the body.  The body cannot heal if the mind believes “I don’t deserve it” or is carrying around resentment and anger.

      OTHER USES for the Quantum Coherence Integrator, QCI vial:

1.    When the QCI vial is put on top of the head - with the top of the cap visible when looking into a mirror - for thirty seconds right before eating, the aligned meridians allowing nutrition to flow more readily to all areas of the body, including compromised areas like prior traumas and interference fields.

2.    Use the QCI vial for positive statements about yourself.  The body will accept the statements much more quickly and easily if all meridians are aligned and testing strong.  Try something like the following statements for:

A.    Health:  I am getting healthier, stronger and younger every day.

B.    Prosperity:  It is easy and fun for me to become wealthy.

C.    Work:  I have the job of my dreams, and I am very good at it.

D.    Weight:  I love my body.  It is easy and fun for me to be my ideal weight.

E.    Self Image:  I love, appreciate and forgive myself for anything I have ever said or done to or about myself.  I am highly favored by God.

F.     Relationships:  I am loving and lovable, a true friend and treasured companion.

3.    Practitioners also use the QCI vial to temporarily align all parts of the body to test what sites are referring pain or sedating an organ that is in trouble (See Pain heading).

4.    A QCI vial can also be used to detoxify the body; but it is a longer, although cheaper way.  I do NOT recommend using a QCI vial for detoxification, because it does not target any specific area.  A mudpack pinpoints a specific area of need on the body, and detoxifies the "eye of the storm".


         CAUTION:  After I got my first QCI vial, I heard at a nutritional seminar that wearing a QCI vial on the top of the head for any length of time is NOT a good idea because it makes all of our cells very strong at the same time - allowing them to all cleanse themselves of their toxins at the same time.  Being the Doubting Thomas that I was, I sewed a QCI vial into a hat and wore it for five to six hours.  Sure enough, I felt like I had the flu for the next two days - no matter what I did to help the cleansing along.  And I thought I had already cleansed myself pretty well prior to that time.  You could, however, start with wearing a QCI vial in a hat daily for five to ten minutes.  I have mine sewn into a pocket I made for it on the inside of a beret.  Then add five to ten minutes every five to seven days.  However, this is next to nothing when compared to doing mudpacks.  A QCI vial will eventually rid the body of toxins, except those stuck in an interference field.  A QCI vial, however, will not rid the body of infection, parasites, bacteria or virus.



         Dr. Bernard Jensen was the first doctor to resurrect the coffee enema and prove that literally years of rotted food can still be sequestered in the intestines (See his Guide to Better Bowel Care.)  A coffee enema often produces seemingly miraculous cures - but it does not get rid of infection - just built up toxins.  I heard of a TV star who was said to have died with over 60 pounds of rotted food in his intestines.  A coffee enema, as opposed to an enema without coffee, actually cleans the liver, gallbladder, lungs, skin, kidneys and adrenals as much as it cleans the intestines.  It is the coffee that brings the herbs in the fluid to the liver, gallbladder and minor detoxification organs.



1.    Some people have pain in their abdomen doing a coffee enema if they have gallstones.  Build up to and take a teaspoon of Gallbladder ND for three to six months before trying a coffee enema if you think you might have gallstones.  Gallbladder ND softens stones so that be passed more easily.

2.    Three things have been known to give cleansing symptoms - flu-like symptoms and/or headache - after an enema.

A.    Make sure you are not using toxic coffee.

i.      Food begins to lose its nutrients then decay as soon as Mother Nature’s seal is broken.  Do NOT use coffee that was ground before you purchased it or intend to use it for the coffee enema.

ii.     Use PRL’s coffee.  Ask any good QRA practitioner how to test your food for toxicity. 

B.    Do NOT do an enema while on your knees with your bottom up and your head on the floor until it is safe for you to do so.  This position has been known to give headaches to highly toxic individuals.  Why?

             Consider the hard working, but probably tired and possibly injured, red blood cells making a circuit through the body every three minutes.  A compromised spleen with fungi and/or parasites will not inspect the red blood cells well, and some injured red blood cells will be put back into service instead of discarded.  The circulating red blood cells pick up super, highly needed herbs from the intestines and are excited to carry them to the rest of the body to share.  But every time the red blood cells drop off some of these super herbs to a cell, the cell says, “Thanks and here are some toxins for you to get rid of.”  In order for each little overburdened red blood cell to start its arduous journey from the head back up hill to your bottom and intestines - when you are in the on your knees position - each red blood cell opts to drop some of its toxic load in your head - and you have a headache.  This is also why highly toxic individuals feel better after they have been up and around for an hour or so in the morning.  The toxins in their head have had a chance to drain into the rest of their body - courtesy of gravity.

C.    Do NOT do an enema while lying on your right side until it is safe for you to do so.  This position has been known to give headaches to highly toxic individuals.  Why?  Compare a very toxic individual’s large intestines to a four-foot length of one-inch PVC pipe that is clogged with thick crusty mud even though it has hundreds of tiny holes drilled into it.  If we run water into one end of the PVC pipe, the pipe will eventually clear of mud; but much of the muddy water will go out the tiny holes into the grass and make a muddy mess.  The tiny holes are like blood vessels that pick up nutrients to deliver to the cells in your body/grass.  When the red blood cells pick up toxins along with herbs, you get cleansing symptoms.  But when only 1/3 of the intestines/pipe is cleaned out at a time, there is less of a mess in the body/grass - and therefore no cleansing symptoms.  So, clean out the left side of your intestines first.




1.    Grind two tablespoons of nontoxic coffee.

2.    Boil two cups of purified - for example, reverse osmosis or distilled - water.

3.    Add the ground coffee to the boiled water.

4.    Empty two capsules of powdered garlic herbal or PRL's Allicidin into the boiling water.

5.    Cover the pot, and take the pot off of the heat.

6.    Let the pot sit for 15 minutes.

7.    Strain the liquid, and add two cups of not heated, room temperature, purified water.

8.    Test the temperature of the liquid.  It should feel warm on the inside of the wrist.

9.    Put the liquid into an enema bucket.  PRL’s clear plastic enema bucket is easy to clean and easy to see how much liquid is left in the bucket.



1.    Hang the enema bucket about three feet above the bathroom floor, for example on a doorknob or towel rack by using an S hook.

2.    Replace any bathroom mats with old towels in case of an accident, and lie down on your LEFT side. 

3.    Put a small amount of olive oil on the tip of the hose for ease of insertion, and let the liquid drain down the hose to let the air out of the hose.  Then clamp the hose closed.

4.    Insert the enema tube five to six inches into your anus.  Allow 1/3 to ½ of the liquid to flow into your descending colon on your left side.  This not only cleans the descending colon, but the liver, gallbladder and many of the organs and cells in the body.

5.    Keep the liquid in until your body wants it out of you OR for ten minutes - WHICHEVER COMES FIRST.  Ten minutes allows the blood to make three complete circuits around the body, taking the Allicidin, etc. to the cells and removing toxins.

6.    Get up.  Sit on the toilet, and empty the liquid out.

7.    Then lay down and lubricate the tip of the enema tube again.  Put the next 1/3 or 1/2 of the liquid into yourself while lying on your LEFT side again.

8.    Keep the fluid in until your body wants it out of you OR for ten minutes - WHICHEVER COMES FIRST.  Then expel the liquid into the toilet. 

9.    If you are splitting the fluid into thirds, repeat #7 and #8 above twice.

10.If you continue to have trouble holding a coffee enema for ten minutes, do kegel exercises each time you sit on the toilet: that is, try to stop your urine flow momentarily five to ten times.  And while you are doing that, also tighten the sphincter muscles at the anus. 



1.    After you are able to comfortably leave the liquid in for ten minutes while on your left side, the next time you do a coffee enema, you may begin by again inserting the liquid while lying on your LEFT side.  But turn over onto your KNEES with your bottom up and your head down on the floor as soon as you are comfortable.  Start the timer after you are on your knees.  This position cleans the transverse colon - where diverticula, Candida and infections often reside - as well as the liver, gallbladder and many of the organs and cells in the body.

2.    After you are able to leave the liquid in comfortably for ten minutes while on your knees with your head on the floor, the next time you do a coffee enema you may begin by again inserting the liquid while lying on your LEFT side.  As soon as you are comfortable turn over onto your KNEES with your bottom up and your head down on the floor to allow the liquid to flow into the transverse colon.  Then immediately turn over onto your RIGHT side, allowing the fluid to flow into the ascending colon.  Start the timer after you are lying on your right side.  Lying on your right side cleans the ascending colon - where many infections, parasites and Candida often reside - as well as the liver, gallbladder and many of the organs and cells in the body.



1.    After you can comfortably leave the liquid in while lying on your right side and also while up on your knees with your head down for ten minutes each, you may cut the frequency of enemas down to a maintenance level of once a month or three to four times per year DEPENDING UPON YOUR DIET.  Periodic coffee enemas are best done 1/3 left side down, 1/3 head down bottom up and 1/3 right side down.

2.    If you are unable to hold a maintenance coffee enema comfortably for ten minutes while lying on the right side and also while on your knees with your head down for ten minutes each, then you need to do coffee enemas more frequently.


         Yes, some eye problems - particularly macular degeneration - are caused by not eating sufficient raw greens.

HELP YOURSELF:  Prevent macular degeneration by eating raw green leafy vegetables everyday.  If you do not like or cannot eat raw greens, put them in a smoothie or build up slowly - by the drop - to 10 to 20 drops ( 1/8 to ¼ teaspoon) depending upon your weight and age of live B vitamins, which detoxes - cleanses - the liver quickly.  If you feel any detox or cleansing symptoms, stop the live B vitamins for a few days and start again much more slowly.  The best LIVE B product to my knowledge is PRL's Max B. 

         However, well over 90% of the eye and ear problems I have seen have been from toxins in the head.  When the cause of the toxins is removed - most commonly parasites and leaking metal in the teeth, but also less commonly head trauma - more minor eye and ear problems clear up on their own in a few months.  A well functioning circulatory system, immune system, and detox organs - liver, kidneys, large intestines, lungs and skin - remove the toxins as a normal part of their job.


         More problematic eye and ear problems require mudpacking as well as herbal supplementation to get rid of the built up toxins.  Some examples:

1.       Glass in the eye as a child caused a build up of scar tissue that had required more severe corrections in his eye glasses over the prior 35 years.  The current state of this client’s eyes was keeping this adult male from getting a concealed handgun permit because he had trouble shooting well enough.  A few months of product and a couple of mud packs around the eye - as well as other packs to clear a path to the eye so that there would not be any cleansing symptoms - had him shooting better than ever; and he did subsequently get his concealed handgun permit.

2.       A child who was born with no outer ear on one side had surgery several years prior to his consultation to attach an outer ear that looked perfectly normal.  A surgery is a trauma and as such often becomes a site in which the body places accumulated toxins (See Toxins in Anti-aging heading).  This child’s mother hated taking him to the audiologist each year for his checkup because his hearing got worse every year.  We mudpacked around the ear a couple of times - as well as a path of mudpacks up to the ear - and the pending audiologist’s exam showed a 20% improvement.

3.       A couple of cases of fungus in the eye have cleared up with no more than product.


HELP YOURSELF:  For an ear ache, put a couple of drops of neem oil into the ear twice daily.  Or lie down and fill the ear up with the homeopathic, Lobelia Inflata.  Leave the Lobelia in the ear for at least ten minutes daily.



         Fatigue is often said to be an adrenal or thyroid issue.  Taking drugs or herbs to support the adrenals or thyroid is managing the SYMPTOM, not attacking the cause of the fatigue (See Anti-aging heading for a common example of “killing the messenger.”)  Therefore, the important question is:  What is causing the adrenals and/or thyroid to be fatigued?  The answer is usually a combination of:  dehydration, poor nutrition, infection and lack of sleep.



         The adrenals and thyroid work hand in hand on many, many jobs in the body, which can be summed up as follows:

1.    The adrenals regulate fluid balance.  If the body does not get enough water or herbal tea, the adrenals will not get around to their second job, because dehydration is so critical to every cell of the body.  (See Constipation for a discussion of teas).

2.    The adrenals second job is to help the body handle stress, which includes:

A.    Boosting the blood with glycogen when excess sugar or processed - white - flour has been eaten.

B.    Helping the thyroid regulate weight, including the stress of malnutrition and low calorie dieting by pumping out adrenaline and cortisol.  (See Digestive heading for “You are what you can absorb”.)

C.    Fighting infection.  CHRONIC fatigue is caused by infection - as is all chronic degenerative diseases. 

3.    If the adrenals are overwhelmed with handling stress, not only does the thyroid step in to help, but the adrenals do not get to their third job - which is provide energy.

      Think of all of the organs and glands as musicians in a band.  If one of the musicians does not show up for band practice, the adrenals play the absent musician’s tune.  After the adrenals have played the absent musician's tune in addition to their own tune for a while, the adrenals get fatigued.  The thyroid then revs up to support the adrenals - which normally results in hyperthyroidism.  After supporting stressed out adrenals for a few years, the thyroid gets tired, too - which results in hypothyroidism.  Hypothyroidism is the thyroid’s last ditch effort to help out by turning down metabolism - which means everything in the body now functions at a slower rate - including the brain, digestion and the body’s ability to process uric acid (See Digestive heading for more on uric acid and the Brain and Anti-Aging headings for more on the brain).



         The good news is that the thyroid is the most robust gland in the body and can often repair itself - given the proper nutrients and anti-infectives.

HELP YOURSELF: A fatigued thyroid craves RAW wakame or raw kelp, which also has salt and B vitamins for the adrenals (See Smoothie heading).  It is the iodine in wakame or kelp that the thyroid craves.

         Note that breathing and/or skin contact with heavier 'ines' - like chlorine and benzene - displace the lighter iodine stored in the thyroid.  However, no amount of nutrition will stop a raging infection strong enough to fatigue the adrenals and/or thyroid.(See Anti-Aging heading for a discussion of interference fields).

         TEST YOURSELF: 

1.    Take your basal temperature - under the arm with a mercury thermometer - first thing in the morning BEFORE even lifting your head off of the bed.  A normal basal temperature is 97.8 to 98.2.  Below normal means the thyroid wants support.  OR

2.    Paint a two by two-inch square of tincture of iodine on your stomach.  If the patch of iodine has NOT visibly changed in 24 hours, your thyroid is fine.  However, if your body has sucked much of the color off of your stomach, your thyroid would like some support.  Do NOT supplement iodine with tincture of iodine.  It is fine to test with, but there is more than iodine in the tincture.  Supplement with raw seaweed or wakame.



         The adrenals need a sufficient amount of several things in order to function properly:  water, salt, live source B vitamins, zinc and five hours of sleep nightly.

1.    WATER:

A.    HELP YOURSELF:  You should drink half of your weight in ounces of water or tea daily.  In other words, a 150-pound person should drink 75 ounces, or nine and a half cups, of water or tea daily.  (See Constipation heading for suggested teas that QRA muscle test strong).

B.    Eating a lot of raw food provides some of the fluid that the body needs in the food.  Conversely, eating a lot of cooked or dry food - like crackers or chips - means you should drink more than half of your weight in ounces of water or tea daily.

C.    The body recognizes fruit juice and milk as FOOD - not fluid.  And the body does not recognize carbonated beverages as a fluid that any part of the body would like.

i.      There are several studies that point to the phosphoric acid in carbonated beverages as a major contributor to the rise in osteoporosis (See Bone Loss heading).  One can of a carbonated beverage will:

a.     Dissolve a steak in two days and a nail in four days.

b.    Clean a toilet bowl in one hour.

c.     Remove rust and corrosion from chrome and batteries.

d.    Remove grease from clothes in a washer. 

ii.     One glass of water, however, shut down hunger pangs for almost 100% of the dieters in a University of Washington study.

iii.    Insufficient water or tea can by itself slow metabolism as much as 3%, trigger fatigue, fuzzy thinking and poor memory as well as trigger back and joint pain.  As little as five glasses of water daily decreases the risk of colon, breast and bladder cancer by 50 to 75%.

2.    SEA SALT: Pink Sea Salt is, in my opinion, the best.  It taste great - something I cannot say for the very healthy, but ashy flavored volcanic black salt that can be found at Whole Foods.  Both the pink and the black salt are much higher in minerals than plain white Mediterranean Sea Salt.  The darker color the salt, the more minerals it contains.  Most people are very low in minerals.

     HELP YOURSELF:  If you crave chips or other salty foods,

A.    Try just licking some sea salt or salt your food more - AFTER COOKING.  That way you get what you need and not what you do not need - the bad oil in the chips and processed flour (See Oils and Digestive headings).

B.    Sea salt can also be encapsulated if desired.  There are inexpensive manual encapsulating machines available on the internet.  Take one to two capsules daily depending upon your weight.  Sea salt, as opposed to highly heated table salt, contains as many as 92 essential minerals.

CAUTION:  If the sea salt is in addition to the salt in the processed food that you eat, you may be getting too much salt.  Cutting out the processed food will make the adrenals, stomach and intestines much happier. (Also see Salt under Digestive heading.)

3.    LIVE SOURCE B VITAMINS:  If depressed as well as fatigued, your liver and adrenals probably need live source B vitamins.  B vitamins are used mostly by the liver and the adrenals to process toxins and fight infection.  B vitamins are found most abundantly in raw dark green vegetables like kelp, kale, spinach, collard and wakame, but most of the B vitamins and minerals go into the water when food is cooked.  Taking synthetic B vitamins has been shown to provide insufficient help (See Supplements heading).  If the product does not hold strong to QRA testing, it cannot help the body be strong.  It is very easy for a Vata body type to get cleansing symptoms by taking too much live B vitamins.  Alternatively, you can take one to three teaspoons daily of  powdered greens.  If greens do not taste sweet, bitter greens have been added or the greens may be toxic (See Smoothie heading).

4.    ZINC:  A zinc deficiency is fairly common now because of processed food and soil losses.  Some symptoms of zinc deficiency are slowed growth and development, learning disabilities, decreased intelligence, poor attention span, erratic behavior, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, anorexia, depression, diabetes, acne, bad gums, environmental sensitivity, poor appetite and delayed menstruation.

      Zinc is needed for more than 100 enzymatic reactions in the body and is involved in more bodily functions than any other mineral.  Zinc is important for normal growth and development, maintenance and healing of body tissue, immune system function, protein and carbohydrate metabolism, wound healing, vision, DNA synthesis, sexual function, maintaining pH balance and detoxification of chemicals and metabolic irritants.  Men need 15 mg. daily.  Women need 12 mg., and children need 10 - 15 mg.


A.    White spots on fingernails, stretch marks and lack of growth in children are markers of low zinc.

B.    Swish two teaspoons of zinc sulfate - Zinc Assay - around in your mouth for 15 seconds.  If the body has sufficient zinc, the zinc sulfate will have a strong unpleasant taste.  Most people taste nothing at all.  CAUTION:  ZINC IS NOT EASILY ABSORBED, so eat food high in zinc.  One ounce of:

            Oysters have 12.2 mg. of zinc                        Wheat bran has 4.3 mg. of zinc.

            Red meat, especially liver, has 3 mg.               Herring fish has 2.9 mg. of zinc.

            Pumpkin and sesame seeds have 2.9 mg.         Brewer’s yeast has 2.2 mg. of zinc. 

            Shrimp 2.17           Raw cocoa 1.9                   Pine nuts 1.8

            Cashews 1.67         Crab 1.6                           Sunflower seeds and brazil nuts 1.5

            Pork 1.4                 Pecans 1.3                        Almonds and walnuts .9

            Sardines .8.            One cup of peas or lima beans has 1.9 mg.

5.    FIVE HOURS OF UNINTERRUPTED SLEEP:  Your body will wake you up to digest the food you ate if you eat animal protein within three hours of lying down to sleep.  Vegetables should not be eaten within one hour of lying down to sleep.  If you have trouble getting five interrupted hours of sleep, restlessness, bladder issues or pain must be addressed.

6.   MAGNESIUM: Adrenals do not actually need magnesium.  The body does - if the adrenals are fatigued.  Fatigued adrenals have difficulty pumping out adrenaline.  Adrenaline, among other things, holds magnesium in suspension in the blood.  With less magnesium in the blood, leg cramps are likely to occur (See Restless heading).

          Magnesium supplements, like calcium supplements, require a low stomach pH in order to be digested (See Calcium Types section in the Bone Loss heading and pH section in the Digestive heading).  Magnesium and calcium are best absorbed in food.  The foods highest in magnesium are the same foods that the thyroid craves - wakame and kelp.

7.   TESTOSTERONE:  In men and women above fifty, adrenals also often benefit from taking the herbal precursors to testosterone, like is in Navitas’ Maca powder.



1.    Sit with your legs below the knees dangling from a table.  Have someone sharply tap your Achilles tendon above the heel.  Your foot should jerk.  If the foot does not jerk, the adrenals would like some nutritional support.

2.    Lie down for at least five minutes.  While still lying down take your blood pressure.  Then stand up and immediately take your blood pressure again.  If the systolic blood pressure - the first number - does not rise, the adrenals would like some nutritional support.

3.    Use a stopwatch to time the seconds it takes the pupils in your eyes to contract and then dilate while holding a flashlight to the side but shining into your eyes.  Shine the flashlight into your eyes.  Time the seconds it takes for your pupils to contract.  Then remove the flashlight.  Time the seconds it takes for your pupils to dilate/open.  Less than ten seconds for either is an indication of adrenal fatigue.


         Adrenals are commonly fatigued by old interference fields that are no longer painful but are reflecting to and sedating the adrenals (See Pain heading below).  The older the trauma, the longer the trauma has had to sedate the adrenals.  The most common trauma affecting the adrenals is an interference field reflecting from an old episiotomy scar.  If this trauma is the only problem causing the fatigue - which is rare - mudpacking the episiotomy scar can make the fatigue disappear.  (See Pain heading for more interference field info.)  CAUTION: However, mudpacking an episiotomy when the feet, knees or groin also need to be mudpacked is likely to give flu-like cleansing symptoms and possibly a rash.

         The thyroid is commonly sedated by metals in the mouth that are draining and also by midline traumas, like C sections, nose, bladder and/or uterine surgeries.  Old interference fields are remedied by doing the mudpacks that the body asks for by QRA muscle testing.  CAUTION: Beware of consuming too much Valerian as a sleep or mood aid, because it stresses the adrenals.




1.    Drinking energy drinks and anything else with large doses of caffeine and/or Effedra is like whipping a tired horse - the adrenals.  Yes, the horse - the adrenals - will move faster for a while, but the whipping will also bring about the horse’s sooner demise.  Like salt, the body appreciates small amounts of caffeine; but large doses of salt or caffeine are detrimental.  Also eating or drinking a lot of processed sugar or flour - for the sugar high - in the long run lowers pH, which invites Candida, bacteria, virus and parasites.

2.    More than half of Americans are chronically ill and as such are too ill to benefit from homeopathies.  Homeopathies rely upon the 'rob Peter to pay Paul' concept, which will often work with those who are NOT chronically ill.  Homeopathies work under the premise of providing a tiny amount of a poison that when taken produces the same symptoms that the person is exhibiting.  In a fairly healthy person, this tiny amount of poison reminds the person’s body that it has a problem, AND EXPECTS THAT PERSON’S BODY TO FIX THE PROBLEM ITSELF.  Yes.  The human body does have amazing healing power - but not when it is chronically ill. 

         Many practitioners that have been well trained in homeopathies no longer use homeopathies, opting for herbal remedies that feed the body.  A CHRONICALLY ILL BODY NEEDS TO BE FED premium quality herbs and food.  There is no substitute for the basics - putting in super nutrients and taking out toxins.


HELP YOURSELF: Temporary relief helps to fix the SYMPTOM of a problem as long as you use it - not the problem itself.  But you will need more and more product until you address the cause of the fatigue, because the cause - infection - will continue to worsen over time.

1.    GINSENG TEA supports the adrenals and kidneys more than any other part of the body.  Republic of has a wonderful tasting Honey Ginseng green tea that would support the body more than energy drinks - if you drink at least eight cups a day - and would certainly be cheaper.  Eight cups is only 64 ounces, which anyone weighing at least 128 pounds needs to be drinking anyway.  Honey Ginseng tea turns out to be $1 for just under a quart - 32 ounces of tea.  (See Constipation heading for a discussion of teas).

2.    SUPPLEMENT CAPSULESOne or two magnesium capsules will TEMPORARILY support tired adrenals.  These are support products - not anti-infectives - and as such CANNOT go after the cause of the fatigue.

3.   SALT FLUSHFatigue coupled with constipation can be TEMPORARILY relieved by doing a salt flush (See Constipation heading for instructions).

4.    SEMIPRECIOUS STONEScan help healthy individuals sustain energy, because semiprecious stones clear and open meridians. When carefully used, semiprecious stones can also help chronically ill individuals to accelerate a healing regimen.  Semiprecious stones, like homeopathies, are safer for healthy individuals but for a different reason. Superior testing semiprecious stones can, when worn too long, cleanse individuals with a heavy load of toxins too fast - causing unpleasant, flu-like, cleansing symptoms.

       For example, doing mudpacks, seeing a chiropractor or a deep tissue massage therapist releases toxins.  The semiprecious stones would help move toxins away from the areas where they were released.  Normally after a mudpack, chiropractic or deep tissue massage, the blood picks up the toxins and takes them to the liver.  But if the liver or gallbladder are infected or clogged up with bad oils or parasites, the toxins would leak out and be picked up by the blood again.  The blood then would circulate trying to find the least toxic place to store these toxins - usually a fatty area like the brain or breast or into a prior trauma area, perhaps even right back where the toxins were in the first place.  And all you got for the trouble was a headache and flu-like symptoms while the toxins were circulating.  This is probably why some people visit chiropractors and massage therapists may say:  “He or she made me worse.”

       Stones should be tested by a QRA practitioner that understands stones and their usage and strengths.  If an herb is not strong enough to hurt you, it is not strong enough to help you much either.  The same goes for strong, healthy unheated stones.  I have a number of stones that are so strong that they should only be worn for an hour at a time, because they make the cells nearest the stones so happy that they all release toxins at the same time, giving cleansing symptoms if they are worn too long.  Or the stones will pull toxins out of higher areas on the body.  These toxins will move down courtesy of gravity and the stones.  The blood picks up some of these toxins and carries them to the liver.  While toxins are circulating we can get detox symptoms/headache or flu-like symptoms.

A.    The benefits of strong testing semiprecious stones are:

i.      All meridians and organs hold strong while you are wearing them, which means when you eat even those areas that have not been fed in a very long time receive nutrients.

ii.     Energy lasts longer through the day.  But if you currently do not have energy, do NOT expect semi-precious stones to give you any energy.  Semi-precious stones provide energy to a healthy body, OR they help detox an ill body.  When many cells are heavily burdened with toxins, semiprecious stones provide them with sufficient energy to throw out some of their toxins.  When many cells are not burdened with toxins, virus or bacteria, then semiprecious stones provide healthy cells with energy and wellbeing.

iii.  Semi-precious stones at the ankles will pull toxins to the feet, which we can remove with walking, strength exercises or mudpacks.

iv.    We can use semi-precious stones in every way that a QCI vial can be used - if you have a sufficient quantity of quality stones (See Emotional heading).

B.    The drawbacks are:

i.      Semiprecious stones should first be tested for quality and the quantity required.    

ii.     Heating stones to bring out their color makes them no more beneficial than costume jewelry. 

iii.    Excellent quality stones - especially rubies, citrine and emerald - are very strong and can initially cleanse too fast within even a couple of hours, causing detox symptoms. 

C.    Where to Buy:  The best I have found is the International Gem and Jewelry show, where I have bought most of my stones much less expensively.  I bought two strings of cut emeralds whose points were mostly damaged for $20 each.  They look like  someone carried them around loose with money in their pocket for months - or started to tumble them.    But they test very, very strong.  I made a bracelet with them and some gold findings and wear it proudly (The gold, silver and copper pieces for bracelets at have always tested strong, whether plated or not.  Artbeads has a large collection of instructional videos.  See the Learning Center and Video headings across the top.).  These were the only damaged stones I have ever seen at the International Gem and Jewelry (IGJ) shows, but they are the only strings of emeralds I have ever seen there also.  There are commonly strings of rubies, citrine and many other semi-precious stones for $20 to $40 each.  All of the semi-precious strings of stones I have tested at the IGJ tested strong.  Cut stones test stronger than polished stones.  Polished stones test stronger than tumbled stones, and tumbled stones test stronger than raw, unheated stones.  Heated stones test weak, cannot help to strengthen our bodies and may even weaken the wearer with extended use.

D. EMF ProtectionA sufficient amount of citrine protects from EMFs, electromagnetic fields, and it will hold all points on the body, including all points on the head, strong outside.  But tektite will not hold the top of the head strong outside. 

E.    Avoid: bead stores that carry mostly seed beads and plastic or synthetic stones.  A few good bead stores - like Nature's Treasures here in Austin, Texas - carry a large selection of polished round semi-precious stones on a string long enough to make two bracelets or 1½ anklets for $20 to $50.  Two bracelets should provide a healthy body with noticeably sustained energy.  If you do not consider yourself very healthy, you are honestly better off with anklets, because of the gravity assist to pull toxins away from the vital organs.  But build up on them.  Start with ten minutes a day for a week.  Add ten minutes each week until you feel detox, then back down on the time.  You now know your body's current limit.  Bracelets will help to move toxins from areas above the armpits only. 

F.  Ask the names of the stones and if the stones have been colored or heated.  My experience is that sales people are very honest - mostly because they are proud that the stones have been synthetically made, colored or heated.  Heating does make poorer quality stones LOOK as pretty as quality stones.    The semi-precious stones that I have found to be consistently strong - in a quality bead store - in decending order are:  lapis, chrisopraise, rhodochrosite, sodalite, amethyst, obsidian, turquoise and rose quartz.  Jasper is common and not toxic, but consistently tests weak enough to be worn continually with little benefit.

G.    Hold the string of beads or stones that you are considering for purchase for a few minutes in your closed fist to see if you can feel the energy.  This energy can be felt by people with sufficient Vata energy in their body type.  We are all a combination of Vata, Pitta and Kapha energy (See Test Yourself To Learn Your Basic Ayurvedic Constitutional/Body Type in the Anti-Aging heading II.A.2.A.)  As with tektite, Vata body types require much less mass of stones than a Pitta or a Kapha body type. Most people actually cannot feel the energy radiating from the stones, but try.  This energy feels like being very gently poked by a thousand tiny needles in the hand and will slowly creep up the arm if you hold strong testing stones longer.  Some people’s lower arm hair will simply stands on end.  START SLOW:  Wear the stones for ten to fifteen minutes daily for at least a week.  If you have no adverse cleansing symptoms, add an additional ten to fifteen minutes daily.

H.  If You Get Cleansing Symptoms, heavy feet, headache, flu-like symptoms, see Preventing Cleansing Symptoms under Mudpacks in the Anti-aging heading).



1.      A COFFEE ENEMA LOWERS A FEVER and usually gets rid of a headache or flu-like cleansing symptoms.  Coffee sends the herbal contents of the enema to the liver, head and many of the organs and cells in the body - which helps many parts of the body to clean itself of toxins. CAUTION:  Do not do a coffee enema if you have gallstones or are unsure if you have gallstones.  Take three to six months of PRL's Gallbladder ND to soften the stones first.

2.      FOR CHILDREN, you can blend a teaspoon of colostrum into two cups of warm water (without coffee) for the enema.  Follow the instructions for enemas (See Enema heading above) except no coffee, and cut the total amount of liquid in half for children under 75 pounds.  Use a blender to mix the colostrum into the second cup of water added after heating the first cup of water in the Enema heading, Preparation section.


HELP YOURSELF:  Make a thick paste of bentonite power or even clay soil and water and apply IMMEDIATELY after bitten.  Leave the clay on until it dries.  Then wash it off, and you won't even look or feel like you have been bitten at all.  For seriously venomous bites, have someone drive you to the hospital as you apply a mudpack in the car.  Be sure to pack the foot or hand first/also - or you will have cleansing symptoms.  One tablespoon of bentonite adsorbs as much as 900 yards of toxins.


         There are probiotics, and there are probiotics - just like with anything else.  There is the excellent, the mediocre and the ugly - and you get what you pay for.  The ugly are toxic.  The mediocre have difficulty getting past the acid in the stomach into the intestines.  Some capsules were designed to survive the journey through the stomach into the intestines.  However:

1.    Taking a superior and expensive probiotic really only makes sense after you have gotten rid of the cause of the disordered intestines.  Taking probiotics will help only on the days that you take them if the pH in your intestines is too acidic for probiotics to survive and thrive there.  Raising pH in the intestines means getting rid of any infections and infestations that reside there and the Candida that accompanies infection (See Digestive heading).  The pH in the intestines rises continually as it moves from the stomach - which is ideally at a pH of 1.0 - to the anus.  If any area of the intestines is not the proper pH, the specific strain of probiotic - that should live there to help you digest food - cannot survive there.

2.    If money is tight, use ¼ to 1/3 cup of Lifeway kefir daily - preferably the original, without sugar to feed Candida.  Lifeway kefir is not toxic and contains ten different strains of probiotics, including all of those necessary to begin the total repopulation of the intestines by probiotics - as does PRL’s probiotics.  Being in nature’s form, a food, protects the probiotics in their journey through the stomach. 



1.       Gas is a symptom of disordered intestines.  To CONTROL THE SYMPTOM, you can take probiotics daily with meals or drink ½ cup of Lifeway kefir daily.  Controlling a symptom is killing the messenger of the problem.

2.      Belching is a sign of gallbladder distress.  Stop eating hydrogenated oils and take 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of  an animal source of Omega 3s a day like Nordic Naturals or Costco's Fish Oil.  Check ingredient labels.



         Gum (in the mouth) issues generally come from one or both of the following:

1.    FIRST MORNING URINE pHgoing below 6.0 for a few months or years (See Digestive heading).  An acidic systemic pH invites bacteria, virus and parasites, which by nature are opportunistic.  Given an inch, they will take three inches and in time will stretch those three inches into a mile.

     HELP YOURSELF with Symptom Control:

A.   If the Problem is Only Gums- not teeth - rub neem oil onto the area and into any gum pockets.  Neem oil has been shown to decrease or eliminate even very large, infected gum pockets.  If your gums have been in trouble for a while, you probably have an infection from systemic bacteria or from infected teeth.

B.    The Best Toothpasteto brush teeth or dentures with is simply baking soda - which disinfects with soaking and whitens with brushing with a soft tooth brush.  Don’t believe me?

       TEST THIS YOURSELF:  Clean out your Sonicare toothbrush on the inside.  Switch to simply brushing with baking soda for a month or more.  You will find that there is no bacterial mess to periodically clean out of the inside of a Sonicare toothbrush when you brush with baking soda - because baking soda is very alkaline.  If baking soda keeps a Sonicare clean and bacteria free, what does it do for the mouth?

       Just wet the toothbrush, shove it into a box of baking soda and brush.  When the baking soda clumps too badly from a wet toothbrush being frequently shoved into it, just turn the Sonicare around and tap a couple of times to powder the clumps.

2.    A SYSTEMIC BACTERIAL INFECTIONwhich specifically in turns attacks the heart, the pancreas, the gums, the prostate and the kidneys.

3.   INFECTION IN THE TEETH (See teeth issues below.)



         The injections given at a dental office often causes more discomfort than the work that was done on the teeth.  Apply bentonite with water as the fluid to the area where dental work was done and the sites of the injections, inside the mouth for 20 minutes to remove toxins.  CAUTION: However, PACKING THE MOUTH WITHOUT INSURING THAT THE HANDS OR SOMEWHERE ON THE ARMS, NECK OR FEET DOES NOT NEED TO BE PACKED FIRST CAN GIVE YOU CLEANSING SYMPTOMS.  If you decide to risk it and do get cleansing symptoms, you can drink 25 - 30 ounces of fluid IF YOU ARE USED TO THAT MUCH FLUID, go out in the sun without eye wear for five to ten minutes and/or do a coffee enema to get rid of circulating toxins. (See Mudpack for more solutions and Enema headings.)

         Find a holistic dentist, like our exceptional Tooth Fairy here in Austin, Dr. Margaret Rayne, at  I recommend "Safe Gold" for crowns on eye teeth, because Safe Gold does not crack like ceramic biocompatible material under the pressure of chewing or a bad bite.

HAIR Falling Out

         Hair falling out - as well as skin issues - in a CHILD is often a symptom of insufficient unprocessed salt.  Add 1/2 teaspoon per 40 pounds of child up to one teaspoon of pink salt or Mediterranean sea salt per day.

         Hair loss in an adult is often a thyroid problem, which can be from:

1.    AN OVERLOAD OF TOXINSin the body needing mudpacks.


3.   METAL IN THE MOUTH OR IN SHAMPOOdraining into the thyroid.  Read the label of all shampoo and hair dye for any metal contents, particularly aluminum.  The shiny metals - mercury and aluminum - tend to be stored in the brain and give headaches.

         If the an Omega 3 oil, like nut or avocado oils, even in body care products oil is heated higher than 180 degrees, it turns into hydrogenated oils that clog up the liver and gallbladder (See Oils heading).  The gallbladder sends its toxic mess out its meridian, which crosses the sides of the head several times.  I recommend Avalon or Jason shampoo at Whole Foods and Sprouts.


         Heart problems are usually caused by infection (See Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Circulation and Immune headings).

         The nutritional needs of the heart are:

1.   SALT(See Fatigue heading).

2.   LIVE SOURCE B VITAMINS(See Fatigue heading).

3.    ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS, particularly EPA:  I recommend Nordic Naturals or Costco's Fish Oil.  (See Oils heading).

4.    POTASSIUM:  The potassium/sodium normal balance of 9/4 generates the electrical impulse in the heart that regulates the heartbeat and the water and acid/base balance in the blood and tissues.  Potassium acts like a diuretic to normalize blood volume and, thus, blood pressure.  Medical diuretics, however, drain potassium.  Potassium also aids protein, carbohydrate, glycogen and glucose metabolism.  Potassium is richest in fresh green and red vegetables, tomatoes, whole grains, nuts, salmon, sardines, flounder, cod, fresh fruit, potato skins, and the pulp of citrus fruit.  Magnesium helps maintain potassium within the cells particularly if the adrenals are fatigued. 

5.    LIVE SOURCE QUINOL:  Statin drugs deplete Quinol.  The fact is that the body has to use many enzymes to convert non-live source Quinol into a usable form.  If you do not eat a lot of raw food, then you do not have the needed enzymes to make these conversions (See Supplements heading).  I did QRA test Kirkland, Costco's brand, and Nature's Way quinol on myself.  My body said it was usable, but I eat raw foods or quickly heated greens nearly daily.

HERPES and Other Virusare either acquired or expressed.


         1/3 of our gene pool is viruses to help break down our bodies when we die.  Viruses are very low grade infections.  Viruses generally attack a body that is run down and has used up many of its methyl groups (See Digestive heading).  An expressed virus can be repressed with the appropriate amount of food source HCL, which is trimethylglycene, containing three methyl groups.  Thus, when we take HCL we are replacing our methyl groups and extending our lives.  However, the kicker is that nearly all chronically ill people cannot take HCL without significant stomach upset.  It takes six months to a year to get rid of a significant number of a chronically ill person’s infections and interference fields, so that that person can take HCL without stomach upset (See Pain heading for interference fields).



        Viruses are not alive, and as such cannot be killed.  But slow acting herbs can over a period of six to eight months prevent viruses from duplicating themselves - so much so that within six to eight months, clients who were diagnosed by their M.D. with, for example, genital herpes, an acquired virus, had no further outbreaks (Also see Immune heading).


        A hiatal hernia is stomach tissue that has been pulled up through the muscle at the bottom of the esophagus.  This can be taken care of in a few months with anti-infective herbs.


HELP YOURSELF:  For TEMPORARY relief see a chiropractor that is trained in relieving a hiatal hernia.  Have the chiropractor teach you this technique so that you can do it at home.  Temporary relief helps to fix the SYMPTOM of a problem - not the problem itself - infection. (See Blood Pressure heading).


         Like pain and adrenal fatigue, hormonal issues are a SYMPTOM of greater problem.  Yes, there are many products that can relieve hormonal symptoms as long as you continue to use the products, but this is like taking aspirin for a pain - which is killing the messenger.  Relieving hormonal symptoms is NOT fixing the cause of the problem.  Killing the messenger is allowing the cause of the problem to continue and get worse.  Hormonal issues usually stem from one or all of the following issues:

1.    SYSTEMIC CANDIDA YEASTthat has been in the intestines long enough to grow a root system all the way through the intestinal lining, allowing the contents of the intestines to leak out into the surrounding tissue.  The surrounding tissue is the uterus, ovaries and bladder (See paragraphs 1, 6 and 7 in the Depression heading and the Digestive heading).

2.    MIDLINE ISSUEScommonly refer problems and/or pain up and down the midline (See Pain heading for referred pain).  For example, a C section, hernia, nose or even clavicle or breast scar trauma over time can and usually does reflect to other organs and glands on the midline - such as the uterus, bladder, stomach, heart and thyroid.  The midline traumas will need to be mudpacked (See Toxins in Anti-Aging heading).

3.    ADRENAL-BRAIN COMMUNICATIONThe uterus, ovaries and prostate rely upon a healthy continuous conversation between the adrenals and the brain.  If the adrenals are fatigued, this conversation slows down, and output of hormones becomes out of balance (See Fatigue and Brain headings).

4.    EXCESS ESTROGENEating inorganic meat, cheese, milk or soy over a period of years can produce an excess of estrogen which can lead to hormonal imbalance.  Inorganic meat from especially cows and chickens may contains growth hormones that hurry the cows’ and chickens’ growth to maturity - and readiness for sale - in ¾ of the time.  These synthetic hormones and pesticides, which often mimic hormones, are often able plug into estrogen receptor sites, creating hormone imbalance.  Synthetic hormones and pesticides which mimic hormones are usually treated by the body as toxins and stored in fatty tissue - even resulting in male breasts.  Growth hormones and pesticides are oil solvents, so they are found in the fat of some inorganic meat.  Do not eat the fat, including the butter.  Buy organic butter.  PRL’s food source Vitamin E and natural source Melatonin protect fatty tissue.  Women on average have 40% more fat than men.


        Chronically ill people - 52% of the American population in 1970 - have many biofilms in their bodies.  Bacteria, parasites and viruses all live together and exchange information and DNA in these houses/biofilms that they build - mostly in the intestines.  Intestinal issues can flood the liver with undigested food and overwhelm the immune system (See paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 in the Depression heading.  Also see the Digestive heading).  When a biofilm grows over 14 mm, the bacteria, parasites and viruses break out and begin to build another biofilm. 

         When a biofilm is larger than 14 mm, the body’s killer T cells cannot puncture the biofilms or surround them.   Live source garlic/Allicidin and betaine HCL will gently break up biofilms, so that T cells can kill the bacteria and parasites within.  However, I recommend you NOT take HCL without being QRA tested.  Almost all chronically ill people get stomachaches when they take HCL, but they can take garlic/Allicidin (See Digestive heading).  If you have biofilms, you have infections.  And if you have had infections for a while, you have biofilms.  Those individuals with autoimmune disease have an immune system that is overwhelmed with infections and toxins.

         There are two circulatory systems - each with its own set of vessels.  The blood has a circulatory system for the vital functions of removing toxins and bringing food and air to each cell.  This circulatory system has a pump - the heart.  But the immune/lymphatic system does NOT have a pump.  The lymphatic system relies upon the movement of the body.  The more and faster the movement, the better the lymphatic system works.  THE CRIME/INFECTION FIGHTERS IN THE BODY CANNOT MOVE TO THE SITE OF THE CRIME WHEN THE FREEWAY, THE LYMPHATIC SYSTEM, IS CLOGGED/STAGNANT.  And since the lymphatic system transports killer cells, it is imperative that you move your body - especially if it is hard for you to move your body.  But START SLOWLY AND BUILD UP SLOWLY!

         However, if you have high blood pressure and/or have not moved your body much in even a few months and you suddenly begin to move it a lot, you will begin to cleanse your cells too fast.  This means that all of your cells will say:  “Thank you for shaking up these toxins I have been carrying around.  Now I can throw some of them out.”  If each cell throws out a few toxins, you will cleanse too fast; and you will feel sick and/or headachy.  YOU MUST SLOWLY BUILD UP MOVEMENT.


         HELP YOURSELF:  However, there are a couple of passive ways to clear lymphatic passageways and literally every part of the body:  mudpacks and deep tissue massage - from a therapist who does only deep tissue massage - which is painful and considerably more expensive than doing mudpacks, which are not painful unless you get cleansing symptoms from doing too many too frequently.  With both deep tissue massage and mudpacks, you are faced with the amount of cleansing that your body can clear.  If your detoxification organs are infected and/or are not working efficiently, you are left with doing deep tissue massage on just your hands and feet to begin with or doing one mudpack every five to seven days.  Both of these options mean that your body will cleanse slowly.  As infections clear, you will be able to mudpacks twice as often and/or have much more of a full body deep tissue massage.

         A metal underwire bra prevents lymphatic flow from the bundles of lymph glands in front of the armpits.  When lymph flow is prevented, the lymph nodes become sensitive and over time harden.  Cats Claw herb can break up these knots and allow flow again.  However, you must discard the metal underwire bras.  There are many excellent bras out there that do not endanger health.  There is a site called, but I have had many large breasted clients tell me they have found bras without wires that they like in many places, including One Hanes Place, Kohl’s, Victoria’s Secret, and even Walmart.


         TEST THIS YOURSELF: Compare the fat content and color of chicken hearts to duck hearts at an oriental market, like MT Supermarket in Austin, Texas.  Chickens have been domesticated for centuries and do not get to walk much or fly at all to exercise their hearts - not so with ducks.

         HELP YOURSELF:  The body generally prefers movement first thing in the morning.  The exercises that are best for the immune system are similar to but not exactly those that are best for the heart.  If you are chronically ill, start with #1 and move to the higher numbers AS YOU ARE ABLE.

Best for the:  IMMUNE SYSTEM                   HEART

1.                   Inversion Table                        Inversion Table

2.                 Walking a Pool                      Walking a Pool - Skip this one if you have breathing problems,

                                                                  until you can clear most infections.

3.                 Walking on a Treadmill          Walking on a Treadmill

4.                 Yoga Exercises                      Jogging on a Treadmill (Jogging on the street is hard on bones,

                                                                   joints and brain.)

5.                 Rebounder                            Rebounder

6.                 Chi Machine                          Chi Machine - According to muscle testing aerobics help circulation

                                                             but not the heart.  I know. It surprised me too!

INVERSION TABLE: Start with two to three times per week for a minute or two preferably in the morning.  Build up to repeating ten seconds horizontal and ten seconds vertical with the HEAD UP for five to ten minutes daily.  After that becomes comfortable and easy, then build up to repeating ten seconds horizontal and ten seconds vertical with the HEAD DOWN for five minutes daily.  The only inversion table I consider safe, easy to use and comfortable is the Hang Up.

WALKING A POOL:  Start with ten minutes once or twice a week in waist to armpit high water.  Build up to 40 minutes three to five times per week. 

TREADMILL:  WATCH YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE and HEART RATE.  Start with one minute twice a week at a very slow speed.  IF YOU FEEL BETTER OR NO DIFFERENT, move up to two minutes twice per week.  Continue this gradual movement of your body until you can walk for 15 to 30 minutes three times per week REGARDLESS OF YOUR AGE.  AGE IS MUCH LESS OF AN INDICATOR OF HEALTH THAN WHAT WE EAT AND HOW MUCH WE MOVE.  WE SHOULD ALWAYS FEEL BETTER AFTER WE EXERCISE.  If we do not feel better, the adrenals are so stressed that they are unable to put out adrenaline, which makes exercising like whipping a tired horse (See Fatigue heading).  If you feel worse after you exercise, back off a minute or two until you can regain momentum.

REBOUNDER:  The most efficient exercise is a rebounder.  A rebounder is essentially a small trampoline that you jump on.  Rebounders are said to be 58% more effective than treadmills.  A rebounder uses acceleration, deceleration and gravity to help every cell in the body flush toxins and increase the white blood cell count - all in a minimum of one minutes (Rebounding to Better Health by Linda Brooks).

         However, IF YOU ARE UP TO THIS considerably more vigorous exercise, still START SLOWLY with only ten to fifteen seconds twice a week AND jump only hard enough to KEEP AT LEAST YOUR TOES ON THE REBOUNDER.  Move up to jumping on a rebounder for five to ten minutes daily.  Rebounders move toxins QUICKLY.  If your intestines and/or liver are too overloaded to process the released toxins, the toxins will circulate - giving you a headache and flu-like symptoms.  The only rebounder I recommend is the Needak, because it has a handle bar and clients test strong after jumping on one.  Rebounding also has been shown to move released toxins from a deep tissue massage or chiropractic adjustment to the feet, hands and detoxification organs - ready for removal by mudpacking, coffee enema or natural elimination.

CHI MACHINE:  To use a Chi machine lie down on the floor with your feet on top of the Chi machine.  The Chi machine moves the ENTIRE body in a fish like motion.  BUT DO NOT LET THE PASSIVENESS OF THIS EXERCISE FOOL YOU.  You must start even more slowly on a Chi machine, because it moves the body very, very fast.  Start with ten to twenty seconds once or twice a week and work up to two sessions daily of five to ten minutes each.  The only Chi Machine that I recommend is the original Chi machine, which has (or had) only one speed - the speed at which a cat purrs.  A cat’s purr has been scientifically proven several times to heal its broken bones.  CAUTION:  If you find it hard to relax, this is not the machine for you.  The Chi Machine rocks the entire body slightly from side to side.  If you try to keep your head still, you will get a headache.


HELP YOURSELF:  Make anti-infective insect repellant that is fairly waterproof, will last several hours and is actually good for the body. Add 10 drops of neem oil and/or oregano oil and 10 drops of lavender essential oil to 2 ounces (or 1/4 cup) of olive oil.  Shake the bottle gently before use.  Keep all essential oil bottles tightly capped and out of direct sunlight. Just rub this combination of oils lightly over exposed areas of skin. Flush with water if these oils come in contact with the eyes or genitals.


         Some symptoms of kidney insufficiency are:

1.       Edema, because fluid pools in the extremities.

2.       Boils or cysts, especially behind the knees, because toxins are building up in the extremities.

3.       Memory problems, because the kidneys nourish the brain.

         Those with kidney problems should:

1.       NOT eat processed salt, and use as little sea salt as possible.

2.       NOT take calcium supplements.  Salt and calcium are hard on the kidneys.  Get your calcium in raw green veggies (See Bone,Cook and Anti-Aging).

3.       NOT use reverse osmosis water.  Use a good alkaline mineral water, like Trinity or Narwa water.  Reverse osmosis water - like I use - is recommended for those without kidney problems, but only if they eat a good source of minerals in their diet, like raw greens. 

          The kidneys are one of the secondary detox organs, and as such receive overload toxins when the liver and or the intestines are overloaded and/or not functioning as well as they should (See Brain heading).

         Being a detox organ, kidneys are known to weaken under the stress of:

1.    Insufficient fluid intake (See Constipation in the B to C.... heading).

2.    A viral or bacterial infection in the pancreas, prostate, heart or brain.

3.    A very toxic body such as Fibromyalgia that has circulating toxins needing many mudpacks (See Anti-Aging heading).

4.    Being the recipient of referred pain from a tail bone injury, an episiotomy, head, an epidural or any other trauma usually on the back side of the body (See Anti-Aging heading).

         Kidney issues do not usually resolve until all infections and most of the toxins are removed from the body. 

         HELP YOURSELF:  Temporary support means it helps out as long as you do it.  Temporary support helps to fix the SYMPTOM of a problem - not the cause of the kidney problem itself.  Provide TEMPORARY support for your kidneys by:

1.    Doing a castor oil pack at least weekly on the kidneys.  (See Cancer heading for instructions.)

2.    Switching your main liquid refreshment to ginseng tea.

3.    Take  a ginseng capsule daily.  Ginseng especially supports the kidney and adrenals.  Ginseng is also a blood builder and brain tonic.


All hydrogenated oils are transfats, but not all transfats are hydrogenated oils.  All hydrogenated oils are bad, but not all transfats are bad. Thus, the big, bad wolf is hydrogenated oil - not transfats. Hydrogenated oil inhibits essential enzyme functions and blocks good prostaglandin production by good fats. Also, cell walls made of hydrogenated oil are less permeable, so less nutrient can get in and less waste can get out - causing a toxic overload and starving cells. Starving cells wallowing in their own waste are easy prey to viruses, fungi, bacteria and parasites. This is why most adults need to take out (with strength exercises or mudpacks) more than they need to put in (with nutritious food and herbs).

The brain is 60% fats/oils. Hydrogenated oil makes poor neurotransmitters, which can provide shoddy transmission from, for example, the visual cortex to the memory or speech areas of the brain. The DHA in Omega 3 oil is used mainly to make the tiny neurotransmitters in the brain. The elderly and growing bodies need Omega 3 oils high in DHA, but Costco's Fish Oil has tested to be best many times.

Each and every cell wall in our bodies, particularly our hearts, use mostly EPA. ALA is the vegetable form of Omega 3, found most abundantly in flax seed oil. Our bodies use up enzymes when they must convert ALA to EPA, losing about 67% in the process. We then need even more enzymes to convert EPA to DHA - with about 40% lost in the conversion. That is why it can take a tablespoon of flax seed oil to equal a teaspoon of an animal source of Omega 3s - a good cod liver oil or fish oil.

We only get enzymes from raw food.  If we do not eat much raw food, our bodies cannot convert ALA into EPA or DHA.  But the biggest downside of flax seed oil is: If we have eaten hydrogenated oil within the last six months - and most of us have if we have dined out - our bodies convert ALA into arachnidonic acid. Arachnidonic acid is the fats found in butter, which incidentally is much better for us than hydrogenated oil. The arachnidonic acid in animal fat is mainly bad for us if we eat so many carbohydrates that our bodies never get around to burning the animal fat as fuel.  Circulating arachnidonic acid is LDLs, high cholesterol.

Cod liver oil and a good fish oil are the best sources of Omega 3s. Cod liver oil really is brain and skin food - and it raises HDLs.  Nordic Naturals brand has liquid cod liver oil that tests good and has an excellent tasting orange flavor. Nordic Naturals also have lemon or strawberry flavored capsules. Just put 1/8 teaspoon (per 60 pounds of body weight) of cod liver oil in 1/4 cup of orange juice in a container with a lid. Shake and drink.

Adults should take 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon of Omega 3s daily.  Some cod liver oil has cheaper Omega 6s added, so that it takes two to three teaspoons to make 500 mg. of Omega 3s, instead of one teaspoon. Also check labels to make sure you only buy cod liver oil with no heavy metals, dioxins or PCBs.

The amount of antioxidants in our food has dropped about 50% in the last twenty five years. Antioxidants are used all over the body, but particularly by the brain, heart and eyes.  A lack of antioxidants promotes neurodegeneration. Foods high in antioxidants are red, blue and purple, but these foods are often highly pesticide sprayed - buy organic.  If you cannot buy organic, I have found that Costco fresh fruits and veggies almost always test good.  In fact most of their meats also test good. Daily taking at least a teaspoon of POM 100% pomegranate juice delivers sufficient antioxidants for the average person. It takes as much as a cup of some other brands to hold strong what one teaspoon of POM pomegranate juice will QRA test to hold.

Omega 6s and Omega 9s are mainly used for cardiovascular and immune system health as well as energy metabolism. Omega 3s go bad faster than Omega 6s. Thus Omega 3s are refrigerated and sold in dark containers. However, Omega 6s go bad faster than Omega 9s. When Omega 3s and Omega 6s are cooked over 180 degrees for any length of time, they can be molecularly changed into hydrogenated oil. Thus, we should only cook or eat food cooked in coconut oil or butter. Coconut oil is anti-infective and antibacterial; and 1 - 2 teaspoons daily raises metabolism (More than that will put on weight). If we are cooking on low or #1 on the stove dial we can use olive oil, which is the oil of choice in the highly acclaimed Mediterranean diet. However, I recommend the Paleo diet, but if you do not eat raw, take your enzymes and HCL.

Mechanically pressed oil is best.  Some companies chemically extract oil with harmful solvents.  Expellier expressed oil often reaches over 180 degrees - a nutritional definition of cooked food.  Enzymes are destroyed when cooked over 180 degrees for any length of time.  Oils can also go bad in light as well as heat. Thus we should purchase all omega oils in containers we cannot see light through.

Adults need three teaspoons of good oils per day. Good oils decrease blood clotting, blood pressure, cholesterol and inflammation, while increasing the natural killer cell activity necessary to fight tumors. Take 1/4 teaspoon of cod liver oil, and use olive oil, untoasted or uncooked sesame oil and/or coconut oil on your food.


See the Free QRA Naturopathic Healing Program, in particular the Pain T&Ps.


Pain is a sign of infection, an interference field, IF, or congested toxins.  Pain is our friend.  Pain is a signal that something is wrong.  Anesthetizing pain is ignoring the messenger.  When our bodies store toxins in bone, bone can become infected.  When our bodies store toxins in muscle, it can hurt to move.  Thus our bodies prefer to store toxins in fat.  The brain and breast tissue are more than 60% fat.

A toxic site (including scars and surgeries) can remain painful for years, or it may stop being painful after just a few months.  Having no pain does not mean an area is no longer toxic.  It just means our bodies have stopped sending us messages that there is something wrong.  This is similar to being in a room with cut onions.  We stop smelling the onions after a short time even though the onions are still pungent and still in the room.  These hidden prior areas of pain can become interference fields, IFs, which cross meridians and can cause pain in muscles and organs.


In general if we feel worse in the morning, the site causing the pain is below the site of the pain and flowing up the body when we are horizontal in bed. If we feel worse at night, the site causing the pain is above the site of the pain and flowing down.


 Quantum Reflex Analysis, QRA, treats the body as a whole, recognizing that there is no single protocol that provides effective help for all people.  QRA aids in returning the body to normal status - highly reactive to microbial invaders and other stressors.  QRA is a unique, simple, yet highly effective, comprehensive system of testing the reflex patterns of the body’s key organ and gland control points and interference fields, IF.

An interference field, IF, is anything that disrupts the normal flow of bio-energy in the body. IFs can sedate meridians and the natural flow of energy to organs and glands. An IF can be located anywhere in the body, such as scars (even well-healed), previous areas of traumas, sites of toxification (such as injection sites), etc.