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by Cheryl Ann Stopper, CSUN M. A. in Special Education Dr. Stopper is a traditional Doctor of Naturopathy, who taught school for 14 years, and tutored reading for 13 years.



                                                                                WELCOME TO MY WEBSITE




                                              is ABSOLUTELY FREE and

                               incomparable in price and quality, because it uses:


1.  Food and super food to help your body heal itself at your own pace, which can be as small as

      one cup of juice, tea or water containing super food powders.

2.  A system that is able to interpret exactly which foods or super foods the body wants and

      exactly how much of those foods, super foods, fluid, protein, iron, exercise and more that the body needs

      to help it heal itself.  This system is called Quantum Reflex Analysis,  QRA.

3.  Temporary and permanent solutions to specific problems, including fire ant and mosquito

      bites; colds or flu; insufficient breast milk; head, chest, and mild to chronic muscle pain; restless legs;

      irregular heart beat; raising pH; the best daily vitamins; toe nail fungus; gout; mild to chronic passing

      gas and upset stomach; bad breath; constipation; dry skin; pinworms, thrush and hair loss in a child;

      uncontrollable emotions; vaginal yeast infection and brown spots on the skin.


This comprehensive QRA Naturopathic Healing Program was developed just for you.  It will work best if you WADE INTO IT - rather than dive in.  Read one day at a time.  Stopping the symptom of a problem can be easy with a pill or two, but stopping the problem causing the symptom takes time and commitment.  There are ten naturopathic topics on this page of my website as listed below.  At the end of each of the ten topics are some Temporary, T, and Permanent , P, solutions to specific problems.  The best QRA tested solutions are suggested.


TOPICS:                                                                                           STARTS ON

1.  CLEANING THE BODY                                                                    Day 1

     T&P:  Kegel Exercises

              Fire Ant Bite Remedy

              Mosquito Bite Remedy

              Using Essential Oils

2.  REPAIRING THE BODY                                                                   Day 19

     T&P:  Colds or Flu

              Insufficient Breast Milk

              Pain in General

3.  MOVING PATHOGENS OUT OF THE BODY                                        Day 30

     T&P:  Raise pH, Breathe Better and Help Your Body Defeat Disease

              The Best Daily Vitamins

              Calcium Products

4.  REMOVING TOXINS FROM THE BODY                                              Day 46

     T&P:  Head Pain

              Restless Legs

              Irregular Heartbeat

              Toe Nail Fungus


5.  THE THREE MAIN PARTS OF HEALING                                             Day 65

     T&P:  Hair Loss

              Muscle Pain - Intermittent Moderate

              Chest Pain

6.  HOW THE BODY HEALS                                                                  Day 74

     T&P:  Passing Gas or Upset Stomach - Intermittent, Mild to Moderate

7.  HOW DISEASE BEGINS                                                                  Day 96

     T&P:  Bad Breath

              Passing Gas or Upset Stomach - Chronic


8.  HOW WE CAN CUT DISEASE OFF AT THE PASS                                Day 120

     T&P:  Gallbladder Removed

              Dry Skin

              Side of the Head Pain

9.  HOW QRA TESTING WORKS                                                           Day 149

     T&P:  Pinworms, Thrush and Hair Loss in a Child

              Brown Spots on the Skin

              Vaginal Yeast Infection

10. OUR EMOTIONS CAN HEAP US HEAL OR HELP US DIE                      Day 164

     T&P:  Uncontrollable Emotions

              Muscle Pain - Chronic


It is important to your progress that you do not go on to the next topic until you understand and have formed a habit of doing the previous topic.  All topics are equally important to help your body heal itself – and in the order presented.  For example, food, super foods, and herbs provide the raw materials for the body to heal itself.  But the body will still struggle to heal itself if there is not enough fluid to move toxins out of the body.  That would be like trying to repair a child’s toy that has mud all over it.  First we need to wash off the mud.


This QRA Naturopathic Healing Program has been designed for a chronically ill person – so that the chronically ill person does not detox too fast and feel like he or she is getting the flu.  If you do not think you are chronically ill, you can cautiously build up on the strength exercises, food and super foods a bit faster than I recommend.  But be careful and be sure that you are doing all of the previous topics IN FULL first.  I have learned over the years that the healthier a client becomes, the more she/he knows her/his body, what it needs and what it can do – but not usually at first.


If your health problems are acute/immediate, you need to be under the care of a M.D.  Anyone who uses herbs to heal is a chronic care doctor – not an acute care doctor, such as an M.D./surgeon.  The best of herbs and super foods are very, very effective.  Usually clients even need to build up to the amount that their bodies want per day.  BUT herbs require time and consistency.  And FOOD REQUIRES EVEN MORE TIME AND CONSISTENCY than herbs.


Persistence and consistency are the most important ingredients in anything worthwhile in life.  Keep reminding yourself that you are in the health battle/football game of your life.  Virus (alive after invading a cell), fungi, bacteria and parasites are live critters, and they fight hard to stay alive too.  When we miss a day of our fluid, protein, iron, exercise and/or smoothie, these critters can lay thousands of eggs and gain ground for their team.  And doing half of a program does not give us half of the healing.  If we do not continue the program until every single critter is dead, in a few months the number of critters will be right back up to as many or more than we had before we started this or any healing program.


A great seminar instructor I know says, “If patients do not do what you tell them to do, they are not sick enough yet.”  Well, are you sick enough to hang in there and do exactly what this free QRA Naturopathic Healing Program says to do?  If so, you should slowly gain ground until you feel much, much healthier a couple of years.  You didn't get sick overnight, and you won't get back to optimum health overnight either.  This complete, comprehensive healing program is totally in your hands.  The more you work the program, the more and better the program will work for you!  If you mess up following the program, say at least three times “It’s okay.  I forgive myself.”  Then get back on track and just keep on going. 


PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME IF YOU ARE USING THIS FREE QRA NATUROPATHIC HEALING PROGRAM.  I designed this free program to be hands off on my part.  It is God working through me to give back to people who currently just don’t have the money to pay for premium quality herbs.  I have been there.  My parents have been there.  I get it!  I am not looking for clients with this Free QRA Naturopathic Healing Program.  I don’t make enough money testing clients using this program to make it worth my time, so I really put a lot of time and effort into designing and making this QRA Naturopathic Healing Program just for you.  God Bless and God Speed You to Great Health!


DAY 1:  1st TOPIC:  The biggest problem that nearly all of my new clients have is not drinking enough fluid.  Would you wash a sink full of dishes with only two inches of water?  The body doesn't get very clean with insufficient fluid either.  One week after telling a woman that her biggest problem was insufficient fluid and to build up an ounce a day, this woman declared “all my pain is gone”.  CAUTION:  Always build up very slowly - no more than one more ounce per day.


DAY 2:  CAUTION:  If your kidneys are not happy and you normally drink about 25 to 40 ounces of fluid per day, you could seriously injure your kidneys if you suddenly send even 10 to 20 or more ounces of fluid through your kidneys per day – especially when you probably need 80 ounces a day or more.  That is like eating only half of a hamburger a day for years and suddenly being forced to eat three or more hamburgers per day.  Always build up very, very slowly - no more than one more ounce per day.


DAY 3:  Half of a person’s weight in ounces of fluid is sufficient for the healthy person.  A 100-pound person would then need to drink 50 ounces of fluid per day.  Eight ounces is one cup.  BUT people who spend a lot of time in the sun, exercise half an hour or more three times a week, are taking anti-infective food or herbs or are doing mudpacks should build up to as much as ¾ of their weight in ounces of fluid per day or more - in order to prevent a buildup of toxins that often causes pain.  That is 75 ounces per day for the above 100-pound person.


DAY 4:  Yes, I know, you will need to urinate more, and it will drive you crazy going back and forth to the bathroom.  But keep reminding yourself how much painful, disease-producing toxin you are flushing out of your body – and how much better you are going to feel.  Also know that your bladder will slowly begin to heal and hold fluid longer after it gets used to receiving the fluid that it has needed for so long and gets a steady flow of anti-infective food.


DAY 5:  Coffee and alcohol are drying to the body, so they require us to drink at least that much fluid IN ADDITION TO the fluid that we need to drink.  If a 100-pound healthy person that needs 50 ounces of fluid per day drinks three cups/24 ounces of coffee or alcohol a day, this person then needs to drink a minimum of 74 ounces of fluid per day.


DAY 6:  If a 100-pound person drinks three cups of coffee or alcohol AND spends a lot of time in the sun, exercises half an hour or more three times a week, is taking anti-infective food or herbs or is doing mudpacks, this person needs to build up to a minimum of 99 ounces of fluid per day.


DAY 7:  I have tested quite a few toxic water samples, both bottled and tap water.  Price has shockingly proved to be no proof of quality.  I have tested expensive but toxic bottled water, shampoo, hair dye, cocoa butter, food, body lotion, soap and much more.  That is why I name brands on my website that I know are reliably nontoxic.


DAY 8:  Ozarka bottled water was just bought out, but it still tests nontoxic.  Reverse osmosis filters are great.  Britta and Pur filters on faucets do test to render toxic water nontoxic.  I suggest, like me, that you carry your own fluid with you – even if that means a cooler with ice packs in your car.


DAY 9:  Soft drinks because of their phosphoric acid (which makes them fizz) promote bone loss, so they are not an acceptable fluid.  Fruit juice and milk also are not counted as fluid, because they are food and require digestion.  Water and black tea are acceptable fluids.


DAY 10:  However, if you want to also provide herbs that will help you heal, drink rooibos tea, yerba mate, green tea or some of the myriad of herb teas.  Yerba mate and green teas should not be drunk for three hours before bed, because they have caffeine and can keep us awake.  I tried store bought teas for a short time years ago, but I much prefer mail order.


DAY 11:  My favorite place to buy tea is Republic of, because they have really tasty blends.  Most of Republic of Tea's tea products are approximately $11 for 36 tea bags or $45 for 250 tea bags which makes 50 standard large pitchers of iced tea.  That is less than $1 a pitcher.  To me, that is worth the cost.  It is much easier for me to drink large amounts of tasty iced tea than water.  My favorites are:  Hibiscus (sweet), Vanilla Rooibos (smooth), Elderflower (helps breathing), Yerba Mate Latte (refreshing), Double Chocolate Mate and Jasmine Green Tea (My husband can actually taste the flowers when I kiss him after I drink some of this pricy jasmine.)


DAY 12: KEGEL EXERCISES help with urinary urgency urges.  While you are still sitting on the toilet after using the toilet , tense/suck in or up the muscles where you urinate.  Hold for the count of 20 to 30.  Do this two to three times a day.  Optimally, we should be able to stop the urine flow when we do Kegel exercises.  At first don’t be surprised if all you can do is slow the urine flow only a bit.  This is why you are doing Kegel exercises.  Be patient, and you will begin to show progress.


DAY 13:  FIRE ANT BITE REMEDY:  Make a thick paste of one to two teaspoons of bentonite clay powder, PRL Medi-Body Pack, or even heavy clay soil and about ½ to ¾ teaspoon of water or Braggs’ apple cider vinegar.  Apply the mud IMMEDIATELY after bitten.  Leave the clay on until it dries.  Then wash it off, and you won't even look or feel like you have been bitten at all.


DAY 14:  MOSQUITO BITE REMEDY:  Apply lavendar essential oil IMMEDIATELY after the bite - or it will not work.  Lavender and bakul essential oils work for most bug bites other than fire ants to, in most cases, totally stop the swelling and itching.  We can get lavender essential oil in Sprouts and Whole Foods.  If you begin to feel ill from the bite, especially a spider bite, this is an acute problem.  See an M.D.


DAY 15:  ESSENTIAL OILS can be very healing and may also be used as nontoxic perfumes.  I have never been disappointed with Aura Cacia essential oil and also Wyndmere.  However, all essential oils are probably nontoxic because of their nature. 


DAY 16:  ESSENTIAL OILS:  Try the testers.  An essential oil that you like the smell of is probably one that your body needs.  When your body no longer wants a particular essential oil, it won’t smell as good to you as before.  Try another.  Frankincense applied directly on bone loss areas will begin to heal and ease or stop pain.  Lavender and Bakul applied at the heart chakra will calm the body and mind.  The heart chakra is half way between the bottom of the neck in front and the bottom of the breast bone above the stomach.


DAY 17:  ESSENTIAL OILS:  Apply essential oils very, very sparingly with a clean fingertip – or you could experience flu-like detox symptoms.  To apply, cover your finger tip over the open bottle.  Turn the bottle upside down and back up again, and apply directly on the problem area or pain.


DAY 18:  ESSENTIAL OILS:  CAUTION:  We can build up to using more healing quality essential oils.  But do not start with more than three finger-tip applications per day.  Do not leave essential oils uncapped for any length of time at all.  Keep your finger over the bottle top until it is capped again.  Do not put essential oil on or very near sensitive areas, like eyes or genitals.


DAY 19:  2nd TOPIC:  The second biggest problem that nearly all of my new clients have is not eating enough protein.  The only thing our bodies use to repair and rebuild tissue is protein.  I often have clients tell me they have more energy since they have been eating more protein.  BUT good fats are the big producer of lasting energy.


DAY 20:  The adrenals are not good multi-taskers.  They do only one thing at a time well.  The adrenals are in charge of:

1.  What parts of the body get how much fluid - crucial when there is not enough fluid.

2.  Removing infection - when there is enough fluid.  But infection removal cannot be managed well when:  

     a. There is insufficient fluid to move toxins and damaged cells out of the body, and

     b. Damaged cells cannot be replaced because there is not enough protein to make new cells.

3.  When infection is being addressed well, we get energy.  For jobs, needs of and how to test your own

     adrenals, see Fatigue in the E to Q heading.


DAY 21:  We replace damaged cells all the time, especially when we exercise, take anti-infective super foods or herbs, or do mudpacks.  This requires protein and lots of it, usually at least a half a pound a day.  That’s eight ounces.


DAY 22:  Those who generally require more protein than others and more animal protein rather than vegetable protein are:

1.  O+ blood types.

2.  Pitta body types.  To learn your body type and more, see the Basic Dietary Guide section, II.A.2.A, in

     the Anti-Aging heading.

3.  Exercising for at least a half hour three times a week.

4.  Daily taking anti-infective super foods or herbs.

5.  Doing at least one mudpack per week consistently for a few months.


DAY 23:  Depending upon the quality of the protein, Vata and Kapha body types can sometimes get away with as much as half vegetable protein, like raw seeds (such as peas and pine nuts), raw nuts, mushrooms, beans and rice, flowers (like broccoli, cauliflower and artichoke) and raw monocot green vegetables.  Monocot plants are like grass, such as spinach, chard, collard and kale.  Monocot plants do not branch when growing.  Dicot plants have branches.  Bushes, vine and trees, such as green beans, tomatoes and citrus trees, are dicots.


DAY 24:  Hang in there!  This is not as nearly as bad as it may sound.  All you really need in the way of veggies is just a couple of teaspoons daily of an excellent quality powdered greens, like PRL’s Greens.  Use a cup with a lid.  Put water (or juice, if you are not diabetic) into the cup.  Add the powdered greens.  Shake and drink.  I have never had a client that needed to do the following, but you could just put a little fluid in the cup with the greens.  Chug the drink, and follow it with your favorite juice as a chaser.


DAY 25:  COLDS OR FLU:  Not Diabetic:  For adults and children take both ¼ teaspoon Nature’s Way Sambucus elderberry syrup and at least one teaspoon of cranberry juice (sweetened is okay) two times a day for five days or until the cold or flu is gone.  Diabetic:  Take both four dried elderberry berries from the spice aisle and four frozen cranberries in your smoothie or blended with nuts or nutritional flakes three times per day for five days or until the cold or flu is gone.


DAY 26:  INSUFFICIENT BREAST MILK:  Mom needs to be drinking at least ¾ of her weight in ounces of acceptable fluid per day.  And add four teaspoons of an excellent whey protein to mom’s diet/smoothie, like PRL’s whey.


DAY 27:  PAIN IN GENERAL:  First, be sure the basics are covered.  T = Make sure you are drinking ½ your weight in acceptable fluid per day.  If you are already drinking half your weight in ounces, slowly raise your fluid to ¾ your weight in ounces of acceptable fluid per day.  I have had a few clients that needed to drink their weight in ounces per day for two to three months because they were detoxing so much at that time.


DAY 28:  PAIN:  T = Protein, particularly beef, pork, lamb and shellfish, can lessen or remove pain.  Eat ½ pound of only beef, pork, lamb or shellfish per day.  If that is not helping, raise this protein to ¾ pound per day.  I have had a few clients that needed even one pound of the above protein a day for a couple of months because they were detoxing so much at the time.  P = a daily smoothie to remove infection that is draining toxins causing pain.


DAY 29:  PAIN:  I test each client for what percentage of protein their body wants.  The overwhelming majority is beef, pork, lamb and shellfish.  Next usually around 20% is chicken and fish, and last is vegetable protein at around 8%.  Generally, as people heal their bodies require less red meat, more fish and some chicken.  Fish oil or cod liver oil capsules will also relieve chronic pain.  Build up to three large capsules of fish oil per day by adding one more capsule per day each week.


DAY 30:  3rd TOPIC:  The third biggest problem that about 75% of my new clients have is not eating enough iron-rich food.  Iron makes blood red.  The main job of red blood cells is to carry oxygen to all of the cells of the body.  Therefore, not enough iron = not enough red blood cells.  And not enough red blood cells = not enough oxygen.  We do not breathe well when we do not have enough oxygen.


DAY 31:  I often have clients tell me that they do not need as much sleep since they have been eating more iron-rich food.  They also have more normal and less painful menstruations.  Also cancer, candida, tumors and ALL DISEASE CANNOT LIVE in a body that has lots of oxygen for all of the cells.  We can test whether we have enough oxygen in our bodies by testing our first morning urine pH.  A .10 rise in pH, such as 5.8 to 5.9, results in TEN TIMES as much oxygen for the body.  See the pH section in the Digestive heading for more information and how to test pH.


DAY 32:  Synthetic or rock iron, as in supplements not made from food, will not nourish us for long.  If the ingredient label does not list food, the supplement is from chemicals - not from food.  Rocks and chemicals do not have a body of light, because they have never been alive.  ONLY A BODY OF LIGHT CAN HEAL A BODY OF LIGHT, which each cell in our bodies is.  We are essentially bodies of light that produce energy which we use to move, think and breathe.


DAY 33:  We are only able to digest plants and animals - but NOT rocks or chemicals, which are perceived by the body as toxins and taken to the liver for removal.  But plants are able to digest minerals like iron, calcium and magnesium.  Then when we eat the plants or eat animals that have eaten plants, we get those minerals.  Calcium from raw dark greens is NOT hard on stressed kidneys, and thus is the safest way to take calcium for our bones.


DAY 34:  Some iron-rich foods in descending order are:  rare beef liver; the spices:  thyme, basil, spearmint, marjoram, parsley, cilantro and turmeric; rare beef; lamb; unsweetened cocoa (which can be constipating); pork; shellfish like oysters, clams, mussels, crab, scallops and shrimp, as well as octopus and squid; well-done beef and beets.  Eating meat rare can be dangerous if we have no way to test the food’s toxicity.


DAY 35:  99% of the time, the fresh veggies and fresh animal protein QRA test non-toxic at Costco, Sprouts and Whole Foods.  HEB and WalMart’s organic raw food test great, too, and also the great majority of the non organic food.  Beef liver should be organic, since all toxins are taken to the liver in all animals.  If you have any doubts at all about cooking meat rare, just don’t.  Eat more medium or well cooked meat or add a half tablet of Mega Food’s Blood Builder per day, which is in Sprouts.


DAY 36:  Organic turmeric is a great anti-infective.  CAUTION:  Build up very slowly on powdered organic turmeric on the spice aisle or you could have detox symptoms.  See the Smoothie Section in the Budget heading.  And see the Cilantro section, 2.E., in the Cook heading for using cilantro raw and cooked.  Cilantro removes metal from the body, so do not cook it in an aluminum pan.  It can remove metal from the pan and put it in your body.  See the Beets section, 2.D., in the Cook heading for how to select and cook great, small, red sweet beets.


DAY 37:  If iron from animals is objectionable, as with vegetarians – which is not recommended - add one to two tablets of Mega Food's Blood Builder per day.  The body is all about balance, so when your body is getting more than sufficient iron from a SUPPLEMENTAL tablet, it will tell you by consistently giving you a stomachache right after you take it.  Stop taking the supplement, and store it in the refrigerator.  Your body may want it again if your body needs iron-rich food again.


DAY 38:  RAISE pH, BREATHE BETTER & HELP YOUR BODY DEFEAT DISEASE:  T = We can super oxygenate our bodies by using a transformational breathing CD, which we can get on  Start with three minutes every other day on the third section of the CD.  Every week thereafter add three more minutes.  There are three sections on this CD:  instruction, three-minute session and 45-min session.  Don’t fret if the CD puts you to sleep.  The ill body is generally desperate for sustained relaxed sleep. 

Day 39:  With a type A personality, the goal becomes to reacquaint ourselves to what relaxed neck, shoulders and arms feel like.  QRA testing then says to take slow, full, deep breaths.  Otherwise follow TB tape directions.  Yawning is cause for celebration.  We can test the effectiveness of TB by taking our urine pH before and after a 45-minute TB session.  After the TB session, our pH will be more alkaline - more green or blue rather than yellow.

DAY 40:  Feeling tightness around the chest is usually from toxins overflowing from the liver or the body storing toxins in a past trauma site in the chest.  While doing TB, push out with your lungs against the tightness between your ribs when you breath in, increase your fluid intake, build up to doing 45-minute TB sessions daily, and do P.  P = For breathing problems, slowly add the Liver portion of the Smoothie section in the Budget heading to your smoothie.  Three months later slowly add the Intestines portion to your smoothie.

DAY 41:  Breathing problems can be acute lung problems.  See an M.D.  The individualized smoothies on this website or quality herbs work extremely well on chronic problems, but for acute problems always see an M.D.  Apply a very thin layer of bakul and/or zeo mineral lotion just prior to doing TB.  See Days 67, 68 and 189-194.  Build up 1 to 2 drops of bakul OR zeo mineral lotion every 4 to 5 days until you are covering your entire rib cage – front, sides and back – up to the armpits.  And, yes ladies, that includes your breasts. 

DAY 42:  There are many, many lymph glands are that get clogged especially when we wear an underwire bra.  Bakul breaks up and zeo mineral lotion moves out.  This is a very powerful combination.  If you feel any flu-like symptoms, slow down.  You are detoxing too fast.  I have combined TB while wearing precious or semi-precious stone bracelets with amazing results.  But we must build up slowly on those bracelets too, or they can give us serious detox/flu-like symptoms (See Semi-Precious Stones under Temporary Relief from Fatigue in the Fatigue topic in the E to Q heading).

DAY 43:  THE VERY BEST DAILY VITAMINS that we can take are:  

1.  Powdered Greens, as from PRL.  Take two teaspoons daily by slowing adding ¼ teaspoon every six days.

2.   Fish Oil:  orange label only Costco fish oil or Nordic Naturals fish oil or cod liver oil.  Take one small

      capsule a day.

3.   Sango Marine Coral:  AFTER you have gotten rid any infection in bone, take from ¼ to ½ teaspoon of

      sango marine coral daily.  For more information see the Bone Density part of the Smoothie section in the

      Budget heading.


DAY 44:  CORAL:  Sango marine coral’s purpose is to build bone, but the body cannot build bone until any infection in bone is gone.  Sango marine coral is a powerful product, and as such when your body has all it needs for now, you will consistently get a stomachache right after you take it.  If you are over 50 and/or you have a sedentary job, drop the dose to a maintenance dose of as little as 1/8 teaspoon two or three times a week.  If you are under 35, you may not need any more coral for a while.


DAY 45:  CORAL:  Incomplete calcium products/not from live source, like calcium carbonate, force the body to store calcium as spurs, cataracts, etc., because the body can only convert whole calcium to bone – as in once living calcium.  But “once living” does not include coral cooked by the sun on a beach until collected.  Read the Bone Loss section in the Bone/Brain heading for the good, the bad and the ugly forms of calcium before you buy anything other than sango marine coral.  There is lots of good, whole, usable calcium in RAW bitter greens, including beet greens and sweet grasses.


DAY 46:  4th TOPIC:  A very common problem of clients is getting rid of the toxins that are preventing the body from getting healthy.  We take in toxins every day in the air we breathe, the water we drink, what we eat and what we put on our skin.  In time these environmental toxins can overwhelm our detox organs – intestines, liver, kidneys, skin and lungs.


DAY 47:  People with overwhelmed detox organs begin to have pain in their low back, breakouts on their skin and have difficulty breathing.  The detox organs will then begin to overflow these toxins into the surrounding area.  Then gravity pulls the toxins down where they often concentrate in the hips, knees, feet and hands.  By the time we are 30 years old, we need to take out toxins as much as we need to put in nutrients.


DAY 48:  CAUTION:  DO NOT TRY TO REMOVE ANY TOXINS until you are drinking at least half to 75% of your weight in ounces of the recommended fluids per day.  QRA testing shows strength training exercises remove toxins better than any other exercise.


DAY 49:  If you have any reservations at all about doing the following exercises or are under regular supervision by a health care practitioner, explain these exercises in detail to your health care practitioner and get his or her okay.


DAY 50:  Strength training exercises push toxins out by working the muscles and squeezing the toxins into the blood.  The toxins go to the liver and out through the intestines.  CAUTION:  Build up with exercise VERY, VERY SLOWLY so you do not detox or clean too much too fast, which can cause flu-like symptoms as the overload of toxins circulate around the body because the liver, intestines and kidneys are not as healthy as they should be.


DAY 51:  If you do feel ill - usually at the end of a long day or when you wake up in the morning - make sure you are drinking at least half your body weight in fluid and consider bumping up your fluid one ounce per day to 75% of your weight in ounces.  Temporary fix:  If you have been drinking at least half of your weight in ounces per day of the recommended fluids in Topic 1 for at least a couple of weeks, then add 10 to 20 more ounces of fluid to flush out the currently circulating toxins to get over the flu-like symptoms.  But if you have kidney pain or problems, only add fluid in small increments every few days.


DAY 52:  If you are chronically ill - and over 50% of Americans are - start with one set of three repetitions for both legs on a leg exercise machine or in one position for each leg with ankle weights for three repetitions one time per week.  Build up slowly over a period of 12 months to six or seven machines or positions with two to three sets of 15 repetitions two to three times a week.  If you do not feel well after the exercise and/or the next day, skip a few days.  Then start back doing half of the exercise you did last time, build up more slowly and drink more fluid when exercising.


DAY 53:  If the weight machine moves up by tens, and you can lift 50 pounds, back it down two times – to 30 pounds.  Do the same with free weights.  The turtle wins this race and feels better doing it.  The rabbit can squeeze out so many toxins that the detox organs are overwhelmed.  The blood then circulates these toxins around the body looking for a place to put them until such time as the detox organs are able to move them out of the body.  Circulating toxins cause headaches and flu-like symptoms.


DAY 54:  Any exercise, like Pilates, DONE WITH WEIGHTS at first on the ankles, is next in ability to move toxins out of the body.  Put two-pound weights on your ankles while doing Pilates for only 30 seconds at first.  Build up slowly over a period of 12 months to 20 minutes two to three times per week.


DAY 55:  If you commonly have brain fog, headaches or a sore neck, after about 12 months of clearing toxins out of hopefully most of your bottom half, switch to or add one to two pound weights on each wrist while doing Pilates.  Remember, the turtle wins this race, not the rabbit.  Pass on the five pound weights until you are quite healthy.


DAY 56:  Using the treadmill or walking after using weights or Pilates helps move the toxins squeezed out of the muscles to the liver.  With sufficient fluid the toxins then move to the intestines and out of the body.  Start with a slow walk for two minutes once a week and build up slowly over a 12-month period to a medium or fast walk for 30 minutes two to three times a week.


DAY 57:  If you feel worse after exercise, you are whipping a very tired horse – your adrenals.  Exercise for less time and less often until the 6th Topic helps to get you healthier.  P = After you have begun the 6th Topic, slowly add the Fatigue portion of the Smoothie section in the Budget heading to your smoothie.


DAY 58:  Walk as slowly as you need to on the treadmill so that you are not hot, sweating or out of breath when you are done.  Be the slow, sure, healthy, happy, consistent turtle - not the rabbit with adrenal exhaustion zipping around and around a track going nowhere.  Picture the provervial chicken with its head cut off.  That was me many long years ago.  Don’t be that younger me!  It was not much fun!  For needs of the adrenals, see the Fatigue section in the E to Q heading.


DAY 59:  HEAD PAIN:  Without QRA testing, in general:

1.    T = Tension headaches at the back of the neck and lower back of the head usually need one to two capsules or ½ to ¾ teaspoons of magnesium.  I recommend Natural Calm powder, because there is no magnesium stearate in a powder.

2.    T = Top and back of the head headaches, as well as snoring, usually subside with a couple of good digestive enzyme capsules, like PRL’s Digest or Enzymedica’s Digest Gold. 

P = slowly add the Liver and Brain Fog portions of the Smoothie section in the Budget heading to your smoothie.  Three months later slowly add the Intestines portion to your smoothie.


DAY 60:  RESTLESS LEGS:  Magnesium also calms restless legs.  Tired adrenals cannot hold magnesium in the blood, but we cannot take too much magnesium.  Our bodies flush excess magnesium out of the body.  Take ¼ to ½ teaspoon as needed.  P = Slowly add the Bone Density portion of the Smoothie section in the Budget heading to your smoothie.


DAY 61:  IRREGULAR HEARTBEAT:  First see your regular physician.  T = But also try adding 1/8 teaspoon of magnesium to your diet three times a day.  The heart and every cell in our bodies is a pump.  Calcium and magnesium need to be in balance for these pumps to work correctly.  Calcium causes muscles to contract, making the heart beat and each cell take in nutrients.  Magnesium causes muscles to relax, relaxing the heart to get ready for the next beat.  P = Slowly add the Bone Density portion of the Smoothie section in the Budget heading to your smoothie.


DAY 62:  TOE NAIL FUNGUS:  T = Mudpack once a week.  Mudpack the big toe with the mixture detailed in the Gout paragraph below.  For each additional toe add half the mixture below.  So for all five toes on one foot, you will use three times the mixture in the Gout paragraph below.  Toe nail fungus is a symptom of systemic candida.  There is a self- test for candida in the Candida section of the Digestive heading.  P = After you have begun the 6th Topic, slowly add the Intestines portion of the Smoothie section in the Budget heading to your smoothie.


DAY 63:  GOUT:  T = Mudpack the toe no more than once a week.  Stir together one capsule of PRL’s HCL and a teaspoon of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar.  Next, stir in two level teaspoon of PRL’s Medi-Body Pack.  Leave the mud on for one hour.  Then put a plastic bag on your foot and walk to the shower.  P = Slowly add the Heart portion of the Smoothie section in the Budget heading to your smoothie.  Two months later slowly add the Intestines section.


DAY 64:  MUDPACK CAUTION:  Always wear gloves, or you will move the toxin from the toes to the hands.  Only pack five toes at one time once a week.  So it will take two weeks to mudpack both feet.  Do not pack any other part of your body without reading the Removal of Toxins without Burdening the Detox Organs section of the Anti-Aging heading.


DAY 65:  5th TOPIC:  The three main parts of healing are:  removing toxins, stopping infection and stop taking in toxins – which leaves only nutritious food for us to eat.  All three parts are essential with no part more important than any other part.


DAY 66:

1.    If we do not remove toxins, the body will concentrate the daily onslaught of toxins, which in time causes infection. 

2. If we do not supply the body with the raw materials it needs to stop infection, the infection will spread; and we can die of that infection.

3. If we do not stop taking in toxins (the 8th Topic), we will be right back where we were before we started this QRA Naturopathic Healing Program.


DAY 67:  HAIR LOSS:  Hair loss is usually a liver problem, but it can also be a thyroid problem.  See Fatigue under the E to Q heading.  You can address hair loss by choosing the Liver concern smoothie under the Breathe-Budget heading.  Raw dark greens upgrade liver 1 and 2 detox.  In a month or two if you do not see much difference in the amount of hair falling out, add more raw greens or add ¼ to ½ teaspoon of powdered greens to your smoothie.  The Thyroid concern smoothie also addresses the liver secondarily with the gut as the major concern.

DAY 68:  MUSCLE PAIN – intermittent moderate:  T = Bakul essential oil removes pain and congestion from muscles very well and can be used at any time to stop the itch of mosquito bites.  Bakul essential oil, used each time there is a pain in the same place, can eventually move all of the toxins out of that site to the liver for removal.  But strength training exercises and mudpacks move toxins out much faster.  Bakul essential oil also has a calming effect on the body and is used for ADHD and autism.  P = strength training exercises.


DAY 69:  ESSENTIAL OILS:  Do not leave essential oils uncapped.  The goodness will dilute by escaping into the air.  Cap the bottle before applying the oil, or hold your finger over the opening.  Bakul is the best essential oil I have ever tested or used.  I paid $25 per half ounce of Bakul here in the states at an advanced health seminar.  It is much, much, much, much, much cheaper from the manufacturer in India – even with the shipping cost.  Order from Lalajagdish Prasad & Co., www.natural, www.lalaessential, contact @ natural


DAY 70:  CHEST PAIN:  First, see an M.D. to be sure the pain is not an acute heart problem.  Gravity drains infection in teeth down into the neck and chest.  This is one of the body’s normal ways of getting rid of toxins.  Our bodies were meant to drain toxins to the feet and secondarily to the hands and out through activity.  But the problem is that so many of us have sedentary jobs and lives.


DAY 71:  CHEST PAIN OR INFECTION:  Metal is very acidic, so it causes the area around it to be attractive to bacteria, virus (alive after it enters a live cell) and fungi.  These are live critters, and they have excrement/feces/poop - which is toxic.  As their numbers grow, there is more and more excrement and toxin.  Draining infections in the teeth often get snatched/contained by lymph glands in the chest or neck, because the job of the lymph glands is to contain infection – for example to prevent an infection in the hand from spreading into the chest.


DAY 72:  CHEST PAIN OR INFECTION:  The infection in the lymph gland is the symptom of the cause - the infection in the teeth.  The symptom can and often does turn into a secondary and often a bigger problem.  P = Get any lumps checked immediately by your health care practitioner.  Getting rid of the symptom of a problem does not make the problem go away, so the symptom of the problem in the chest will probably recur until the original problem in the teeth is remediated by a dentist.  See a holistic dentist.


DAY 73:  CHEST PAIN OR INFECTION:  A cleanup of the area is also usually required by an excellent health care provider.  P = See a HOLISTIC dentist @  Find a dentist that:

1.   Uses a laser to disinfect, rather than hydrogen peroxide, and

2.   Tests the compatibility of all dental materials with your teeth.

3.   Or call Premier Research Labs for a dental referral.


DAY 74:  6th TOPIC:  How does the body heal?  Well, first of all, the sicker the body, the SLOWER it needs to heal.  Often we even need to help our bodies get stronger by eating support-the-body herbs or super foods BEFORE we can help our bodies heal infection.  Healing infection means providing the body with the super foods or herbs that it needs to kill bacteria, virus, fungi and/or parasites, which are toxic - especially when dead.  Dead things decay.  Decay means more toxins for the body to remove.


DAY 75:  We also help our bodies get stronger and healthier by:

1st Topic:   Providing enough fluid to remove built-up toxins.

2nd Topic:  Eating enough protein to repair or replace the tissues that the toxins or pathogens damaged.

3rd Topic:  Eating iron-rich food to help provide enough oxygen to raise the pH of the whole body so that

                bacteria, virus, fungi and parasites cannot survive there.

4th Topic:  Continuing a slow, consistent strength exercise program to squeeze toxins out of our muscles, so

                the organs can dump their toxins into the muscles for removal.

6th Topic:  Providing the body with the raw materials needed to help the body heal by eating top quality food

               and super foods or herbs.


DAY 76:  Taking a combination of premium quality herbs and even super foods needs the guidance of a skilled QRA practitioner, as has been provided in this free QRA Naturopathic Healing Program.  If money is tight, don't waste your money on over-the-counter herbs.  Follow the directions with the proven high quality food and super foods that are listed in the Smoothie section in the Budget heading, and buy your fresh foods at Costco, HEB, Sprouts or Whole Foods, or organic food at WalMart.


DAY 77:  All herbs, super foods and food are not created equal.  Herbs that are not potent or strong enough to harm us if we take too much are also not potent enough to help us much either.  Well grown, highly effective herbs and powdered super foods - like powdered organic turmeric and the powdered pomegranate seeds in Pomegranate Power - can indeed cause flu-like detox symptoms if we take too much too fast, just like prescription drugs can make us sick if we take more than the prescribed dose of those.


DAY 78:  Unfortunately, some herbs and food on the market are:

1.   Toxic, which means the herb or food can actually make us sicker.

2.   The wrong species of herb or the capsules have fillers of other less effective herbs, which means no or slower healing.

3.   Grown poorly, which means slower healing or toxic.

4.   Processed poorly, which means slower healing or toxic.

5.   Packaged poorly, which means decreased shelf life - which can mean toxic.


DAY 79:  The journal of the American Nutraceutical Association reported in Winter, 1999, that 97½% (191 out of 196) of the nutritional products randomly tested from health food stores were either toxic or ineffective or both.  And on February 3, 2015 the Washington Post reported that the N.Y. State Attorney’s office issued a cease and desist order to some big box stores and a health food store because the herbal supplements tested from those stores were “so adulterated”.


DAY 80:  So let’s talk about healing with food.  The hard answer is to drastically change the diet.  The easy answer is a daily smoothie, which can be as small as one cup of super food powders in juice, tea or water.  You can do this!!  But to stay healthy, you will eventually need to stop the white sugar, white flour and bad oils.


DAY 81:  When we cook food:  a) The precious minerals we need leech into the water, and b) The enzymes and many vitamins are destroyed, especially when cooked over the boiling point - 180 degrees.  So we can safely boil, steam or flash fry our food without turning it into empty calories with little nutrition.  That means that 100% whole grain spaghetti is good nutritious food.  YEAH!  I love spaghetti!!  See the Cooking Healthy Food section in the BP-Cook heading for more information.


DAY 82:  Many people cannot eat raw food, because their digestive systems are so damaged that they are not able to break raw veggies up into small enough pieces to be digested.  The fiber in the raw veggies then rubs against raw intestines and gives them a stomachache.  BUT nearly everyone is able to digest a smoothie, because a smoothie breaks the veggies up into tiny pieces for us.


DAY 83:  But all smoothies are not created equal!  The Personalized Raw Food Smoothie section, II.C., in the Breathe-Budget heading assists us to tailor our smoothies to our own problems.  As we heal, our needed smoothie will get smaller.  But powdered super foods will make the smoothie smaller too!  The Smoothie section is detailed so that we can help ourselves as much as possible.  You know your own body.  Trust yourself!  You can do this!!


DAY 84:  You can just add raw nuts (constipating), Brewer Yeast (no relation to Candida) or PRL’s Nutritional Flakes for flavor.  Or if you are NOT diabetic, add raw turbinado sugar, raw honey, maple syrup or agave for flavor.  These are whole sugars, which take longer to digest.  Therefore, these sweeteners provide vitamins and minerals - not a sugar high - because they have not been so highly processed.  Better yet, be creative.  If you are not diabetic, put your favorite fruit into your smoothie.


DAY 85:  If you are not diabetic, a non-toxic apple a day (or better yet half an apple or fruit a day) may indeed keep the doctor away.  Apples contain soluble fiber and nearly equal portions of almost every vitamin, except B-12.  Many of my clients have preferred bananas, which have lots of potassium for the heart, fiber for the intestines, Vitamin C for the immune system and some B vitamins which help the liver detox for only 90 calories per medium banana.


DAY 86:  Sadly the most pesticide-sprayed food group is fruit, and the most pesticide-sprayed fruit is grapes.  But I have never tested toxic grapes, berries or other fresh fruit at Costco or Sprouts, organic or not.  The very last part of the Anti-Aging heading has a section listing the most pesticide-sprayed food, the least pesticide-sprayed food and some QRA tested non-toxic household products.  Markets are now able to mercury fumigate/pesticide-spray food in storage and still call it organic.


DAY 87:  Walmart, Costco and Sprouts do NOT have large storage warehouses.  I don’t think Whole Foods has storage warehouses either.


DAY 88:  As you get your body clean, you will know what is toxic by how you feel after you eat or use the product.  Temporary fix:  Flush with 20 to 35 ounces of additional fluids if you have been drinking at least half your weight in fluid or go to an emergency room if you feel really badly.


DAY 89:  PASSING GAS OR UPSET STOMACH - mild:  T =Take a tablespoon or two of Lifeway’s preferably original whole milk kefir (thick and mildly sour) at least in the morning or at each meal.  Yogurts have lots of ONE strain of probiotics.  Lifeway Kefir has lots of at least TEN different strains of probiotics.  Our guts use mainly 30 different strains of probiotics to digest our food.  P = Slowly add the Intestines portions of the Smoothie section in the Budget heading to your smoothie.


DAY 90:  STOMACH PAIN - moderate, intermittent:

1.  Papaya, beets and pineapple contain digestive enzymes.  3 ounces of papaya or 4 oz. of cooked beets

     often do the trick for an upset stomach.  I have never had any client prefer pineapple.   It probably just

     contains too much sugars for most people.

2.  OR a minced garlic clove OR a minced ¼ inch slice of ginger in water or juice calms the stomach.  Ginger

     freezes well (Slice before freezing.), but garlic doesn’t.

3.  OR if we have already built up on the powdered organic turmeric in our smoothie, we can also take 1/8

     teaspoon of powdered organic turmeric in water or juice.


DAY 91:  FAT:  Whole milk is preferred by our bodies simply because fat makes whole milk more nutritious.  Our bodies prefer up to 10% of the food we eat to be fats and oils, like avocados, nuts and seeds and the fat in meat.  Fat is the only thing we eat that signals to us that we are full.  If we do not eat fat, there is no signal given that we are full – so we just keep on eating.  Good carbs like potatoes or squash are great for short term energy.  But carbs do not provide the sustained energy our bodies need to get through the entire day and night.


DAY 92:  FAT:  Because carbs provide energy only for a short time, we keep reaching for more and more quick carbs and caffeine – which can cause mood swings, sugar highs and jitters.  But if we eat the carbs AND the fats, the body will use up the carbs first and store the precious fat in places we might not prefer.  Toxins stored in bone make bone brittle.  Toxins stored in muscles makes moving painful, so the body stores toxins in fat – like the breasts and the brain, and the fat with which we are quite familiar.


DAY 93:  FAT:  If we have a good deal of toxins in our bodies, we will have a hard time losing weight, because the body hangs onto less painless places to store toxins – the fat.  Hurrah for strength exercises – which squeeze out the toxins!  Raw greens should have oil to digest them more easily.  Sesame seed oil, an Omega 6, is great poured on salad or whole grain rice after cooked.  Nuts have great oils that when roasted/heated over 180 degrees turn into transfats/hydrogenated oils.  To protect the oils in shelled raw nuts, store them in the refrigerator.


DAY 94:  FAT/CHOLESTEROL:  Eggs and some fatty meat like a couple of sausage or nitrate-free bacon make a great breakfast that can sustain us through the day.  And we should cook in good fats - olive oil, butter, coconut oil or lard.  Only 10% of the cholesterol in our blood is from the food we eat.  The body uses cholesterol/LDLs to patch rough spots or holes in the veins and arteries.


DAY 95:  FAT/CHOLESTEROL:  The problem is not the cholesterol.  The appropriate question is:  What is wrong in the body that is causing the body to produce cholesterol/LDLs.  Cholesterol is like candida in that both are produced by the body in response to a problem.  Cholesterol is produced by the body when patches are needed.  Candida, a garbage collector, is produced by the body when there are dead pathogens and/or pathogen excrement in the intestines.


DAY 96:  7th TOPIC:  Disease begins with what we allow into our bodies. Yes, it is ourselves that are in control.  And that is the good part!  Would you prefer to NOT be in control?  Bacteria, virus, fungi, parasites, tumors and cancer REQUIRE an acidic environment – OR THEY WILL DIE!  So if we keep our bodies’ first morning urine pH above 6.0 (safer = 6.2 – 6.4), we can keep ourselves healthy.  WOW!!!!!  WE HAVE FOUND THE KEY - THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH!!!!!!


DAY 97:  The hard part is doing what we need to do to keep our natural pH above 6.2 without taking magnesium baths.  Magnesium baths are good for our bodies, but they obscure systemic pH.  To check systemic pH, do not take magnesium baths.  Or we can stop taking magnesium baths for at least ten days before checking our first morning urine pH.  See the pH section in the Digestive heading for how to check pH.


DAY 98:  So the big question is:  What do we need to do to keep our pH above 6.2?  The simple answer is:  eat more alkaline food than acidic food.  But that is too much like a diet, and it requires a lot of research, tracking and measuring – and that is way too much work!  If you have the determination and will power to just stop eating highly acidic food, you are better than almost all of my clients - and me!


DAY 99:  The SIMPLEST SOLUTION to raising pH that has worked for my clients and me is to add the most alkaline of food – bitter greens - in a smoothie and slowly drop the two most acidic foods - white sugar and white flour - as we feel better and better.  No big deal!  Put four ice cubes, a cup of water and turbinado sugar, raw honey, agave or maple syrup into your blender (not for diabetics - use raw nuts for flavor).  Build up over a couple of months to adding a handful of Costco’s baby bitter greens – kale, spinach and chard.


DAY 100:  Kale is the most nutritious of all food.  Spinach is high in iron.  The red parts of chard assist the body in combating diabetes, and collard is best known for its cholesterol-lowering abilities.  At the same time build up to adding the super foods your body wants according to the Personalized Raw Food Smoothie in the Breathe/Budget heading to your smoothie.  As a sweetener we can alternately use half of a fruit with a little more water instead of other sweeteners to our smoothies for taste.   But if you are diabetic, add nutritional flakes/Brewer's yeast or raw nuts for flavor.


DAY 101Those of us who have been eating highly heated food (over 180 degrees) for years need the super nutrients of bitter greens more than others who have been eating raw foods nearly every day.  Sorry, head/round lettuce does not count as raw greens.  Lettuce in general, especially head lettuce, is fiber but that is about all.  Bitter greens are protein, very high in vitamins, very low in calories and are the most alkaline of foods.


DAY 102:  Or we can just buy a bunch of kale, spinach, chard or collard.  For me, the large mixed bag is easier - if we can eat or drink that much in about five days.  We can also spritz one squirt of PRL’s Polar Mins (mixed one part Polar Mins to ten parts water) onto the root of vegetables – or where the tomato for example was attached to the plant - to help veggies keep longer.  Avoid spraying bagged leaves, since water can promote rot.  Polar Mins is concentrated geomagnetic polar ocean minerals.


DAY 103:  Or we can build up slowly to two teaspoons of non-toxic powdered greens by adding ¼ teaspoon of greens every six days.  I like to add ¼ teaspoon of salt and some frozen cut up cilantro to my bitter greens for taste.  Cilantro does not keep well.  Use the leaves when fresh, and cut up and freeze the stems and any left over leaves for stews, meats and smoothies.  Cilantro removes metal from our bodies.  I have learned to drink my cup of bitter greens after a hectic day, because I honestly do feel my insides sigh and calm down.


DAY 104:  ONCE YOU HAVE BUILT UP to the amount of greens you need to take in your daily smoothie just keep a numeric tally in your head of how many acidic foods you ate through the day.  No sweat!  No hassle!  No writing anything down!  Then take 1/8 teaspoon of powdered greens for each acidic food you ate up to a maximum of one teaspoon of powdered greens in addition to the handful of bitter greens or two teaspoons of powdered green grasses needed in your smoothie.


DAY 105:  In other words, you can take eight additional 1/8 teaspoons of powdered greens to help move your pH up.  Put the additional powdered greens in water (or juice if you are not diabetic) with turbinado sugar, honey, agave, maple syrup, fruit, nutritional flakes or nuts, and you have a nice desert.  Or you can swig them in ¼ cup of water (or juice if you are not diabetic).


DAY 106:  Like apples, powdered greens are grasses, which have all of the needed vitamins, except B-12.  Greens are grasses, and grasses are sweet.  If your powdered greens taste bitter, they most probably have been pesticide sprayed – OR they contain ocean greens like chlorella, spirulina and blue green algae, which are not sweet but are very good for us.  Try Sprouts or Whole Foods for powdered greens or use Premier Research Lab’s FOOD products.


DAY 107:  PRL products are available on the internet.  PRL’s products are very powerful.  If we take anti-infective herbs without supporting our detox organs, we could detox too fast and feel quite sick.  Build up on PRL’s powdered Greens, which contain bitter greens from the ocean.  Start with 1/4 teaspoon.  Build up to two teaspoons a day by adding an additional 1/4 teaspoon every six days.


DAY 108:  In general the ideal main meal for a person who is detoxing by taking anti-infective super foods or herbs, exercising more than 30 minutes three times a week or doing mudpacks is ½ pound of beef, pork, lamb or shellfish and a nice helpful carb like asparagus (a monocot protein), beets, broccoli or any of the dozens of cruciferous veggies for the liver; OR pinto, red or black beans, yams or potatoes for the kidneys and intestines.  Have your daily handful of deep dark bitter greens in a smoothie or as a salad.


DAY 109:  Fish, chicken and eggs are great for us, but they have little iron.  Have fish or chicken no more than once or twice a week - not two days in a row.  The iron in plants, including whole cereal grains, is not easily absorbed.  Most plants contain only incomplete proteins.


DAY 110:  If eating meat upsets your stomach, wait until you have brought your pH up by sticking with your daily smoothie.  For now just:

1.  Eat anti-infective super foods like powdered organic turmeric, garlic and Pomegranate Power to help your

     body stay as healthy as possible until you are able to move your pH above 6.2.

2.  We can also take a couple of good digestive enzyme capsules like PRL’s Digest or Enzymedica’s Digest

     Gold (in Sprouts) when we eat to help digest the meat.  Sometimes we can get away with one Digest

     Gold.  It depends upon how messed up our guts are.

3.  If meat continues to upset our stomachs, we can just eat the greens for protein and spinach for iron until

     our smoothies and Topics 1-4 bring up our pH.  In general eat dark colorful food – not white, tan or brown

    food.   After we are able to take live source HCL, like PRL’s HCL, we should be able to eat as much meat

    as we like.


DAY 111:  Food-based HCL is similar to the body’s natural anti-infectant and a great, great product!  BUT unless our pH is 6.2 - 6.8, there is a very great probability we will get a stomachache if we try to take HCL.  The good news is that we can keep track of our pH by testing our 1st morning urine pH weekly or bi-monthly.  The bad news is when we have infection in our bodies, our pH will almost always be acidic.  In fact, the more acidic the body is, the more infection in the body.  See the pH section in the Digestive heading for more information.


DAY 112:  Most people have used up their body’s natural HCL by the time they are 30 to digest the daily onslaught of highly heated acidic food.  This leaves little HCL to combat infection.  When there is little natural HCL left, the body will rob minerals (calcium and magnesium) from bone – starting with the teeth – to digest acidic food and to keep the blood’s pH alkaline.  Taking food-based HCL daily has become essential to keeping a healthy body healthy once our pH is above 6.2 and we can comfortably take food-based HCL as a maintenance product.


DAY 113:  Taking food-based HCL enables us to artificially hold our STOMACH’S pH below 5.0, so that bacteria and parasite eggs will be killed if they enter through the mouth.  After all, HCL’s purpose is to digest protein, and bacteria and parasite eggs are protein.  The digestive track begins alkaline, moves acidic to the stomach, and becomes alkaline again as the digestive tract moves from the stomach to the anus.  1st morning urine pH tests the pH of the whole body - systemic pH - not just the digestive system.


DAY 114:  If we simply endure an HCL-caused stomachache, the HCL can make ulcers in the stomach, because the stomach is not healthy enough to accept even food-based HCL.  Food-based HCL should list beets/betaine on the ingredient label.  If your pH is constantly higher than 6.2 and taking HCL upsets your stomach, you probably have a scar, trauma or interference field reflecting to your stomach that needs QRA testing by a skilled QRA practitioner.  Try the Chronic Muscle Pain technique at the very end of this QRA Naturopathic Healing Program.


DAY 115:  BAD BREATH:  T = Take a capsule of Nature’s Way parsley.  This works after eating raw or cooked garlic also.  Unless there is a tooth infection, bad breath comes from the stomach and/or intestines.  P = Add the Intestines portion of the Smoothie section in the Budget heading to your smoothie.


DAY 116:  PASSING GAS OR UPSET STOMACH - Chronic:  T = take 1/8 teaspoon or half of a capsule daily of Garden of Life's Primal Defense, a PREbiotic.  Prebiotics raise the pH of the gut to help make the gut more able to re-establish a colony of PRObiotics.  After a month take ¼ teaspoon or a full capsule daily.  P = Add the Intestines portion of the Smoothie section in the Budget heading to your smoothie.


DAY 117:  PASSING GAS OR UPSET STOMACH - Chronic:  Primal Defense is such a great, potent/strong product that it will let you know when your body does not need it anymore by continuing to giving you a stomachache right after you eat it.  Try cutting the Primal Defense down to ½ to 1 capsule three times a week.  Or stop and refrigerate it until you need it again.


DAY 118:  CONSTIPATION:  T = Place your feet on a six to eight-inch stool that raises the top of your knees to the level of your belly button when you are on the toilet having a bowel movement.  Also switch your bread and grain products to 100% whole grain ON THE INGREDIENT LABEL.  Or simply don’t eat highly heated grain products.  Highly heated is over the boiling point, which is 180 degrees.


DAY 119:  CONSTIPATION:  An over 100-year-old naturopathic truism is:  Death begins in the colon.  Flour products that are NOT 100% whole grain may clog up the colon.  Read the Constipation section in the Digestive heading.  P = Add the Intestines portion of the Smoothie section in the Budget heading to your smoothie.


DAY 120:  8th TOPIC:  How Do We Cut Disease off at the Pass?  If we maintain our 1st morning urine pH above 6.2, our bodies will stay too alkaline for bacteria, virus, fungi and/or parasites to survive.


DAY 121:  So, what lowers pH the most?

1.   Cigarettes, drugs and alcohol.

2.   Metal.

3.   White sugar.

4.   White flour.

5.   Meat.  But we need meat for protein and iron, so we must lower and eventually stop taking in the other producers of low pH – numbers one through four above.


DAY 122:  CIGARETTES, DRUGS AND ALCOHOL are very acidic and a constant toxic drain on the detox organs – liver, lungs, kidneys, skin and intestines.  Cigarette, alcohol and drug users are in dire need of anti-oxidants (POM pomegranate juice) and live source B vitamins (raw greens).  Over time the detox organs fill up with these very acidic toxins – cigarettes, alcohol and drugs - and the body begins to concentrate the daily onslaught of these toxins into lumps to make room for more and more of these very acidic toxins.


DAY 123:  The body is always trying to heal.  So the body begins to move these toxins into fatty areas like the brain and the breast, because fat is a less painful place to store toxins.  With the help of gravity, the body also moves these toxins down to the hands, hips, knees and feet.  The toxins then build up in the body from the bottom up, and it becomes painful to move.  Sorry, but I do not believe that any healing program can help individuals who do not stop the constant onslaught of cigarettes, drugs and alcohol.


DAY 124:  METALS - like lead, mercury, aluminum and arsenic - are very acidic, so they make the area of the body around the metal very acidic, inviting bacteria, virus, fungi and parasites to live there.  That area then becomes infected.  And those metals and toxins (dead cells and bacteria) slowly move down the body, because gravity assists the body to drain toxins.  These draining toxins can cause infection in other areas as they drain down because they are so very acidic, so they attract live bacteria, virus and fungi to that area also.


DAY 125:  “Silver fillings” are not the metal silver.  Silver fillings are the color silver.  That color comes from fillings being over 50% mercury.  The great majority of root canals also have about 50% mercury.  Find a holistic dentist that uses a laser to detoxify rather than hydrogen peroxide and tests compatibility of dental products with your body.  A skilled, experienced QRA practitioner can test which teeth are in trouble right now and what organs or systems this toxin is draining into.  This tells you which teeth need to see a dentist first.


DAY 126: WHITE SUGAR and white flour are so highly processed that they are called negative foods.  This means that they require more vitamins to digest them then they provide.  White sugar is a simple sugar that digests through the body very quickly to provide right now energy.


DAY 127:  Right now energy is gone nearly as quickly as it came, making us crave more sugar.  To stop these cravings eat complex whole sugars like raw turbinado sugar, honey (preferably raw), agave or maple syrup (These sugars are not for diabetics.).  Craving sugar may be a symptom of a candida infestation.  See the candida paragraph in the Digestive heading for more information.


DAY 128:  To be specific, “processed” is the big bad wolf/word.  White sugar and white flour are very highly processed, which means that all or most of the vitamins and fiber have been removed/processed out.  The frequent eating of simple sugars, like white sugar and white flour, can cause mood swings and exhaust the pancreas - setting the stage for diabetes.  Read the ingredient label on all processed food and drinks.  Diabetics should pass on all sweets.  Others should pass on any sweetener that is not raw turbinado sugar, raw honey, agave or maple syrup.


DAY 129:  The ingredient label on food must list the contents in order - of most to least contained in the product.  “ose” on the end of a word is a sugar, such as sucrose, fructose, maltose and dextrose.  Watch for products with two or three different kinds of sugars on the ingredient label, such as sucrose and a bit later corn syrup.  Adding up these two or more sugars may make sugar the main ingredient. Don’t let food manufacturers pull the wool over your eyes!  It’s your body and your health.  Protect it!  No one else can do a better job than you!


DAY 130:  WHITE FLOUR is wheat bread made from grains of wheat, rather than grains of rye or rice.  White flour has been processed to remove the bran/fiber and the germ, which contains the vitamins.  “Enriched flour” is white/processed flour with rock iron and other synthetic vitamins added that have no body of light, and therefore cannot heal or nourish/feed a body of light/you for long.


DAY 131:  Like white sugar, white flour can cause a sugar high and mood swings, because it only takes seven seconds for white flour to turn into glucose (a simple sugar) in the stomach.  A tired pancreas is not as efficient as it once was, but even a tired pancreas will step up to help out as best it can by providing insulin to move the excess sugar out of the blood and into the cells.  The body is all about balance; and if the tired pancreas has provided more insulin than is needed, the blood becomes low in sugar – which can cause the body to crave more sugar.


DAY 132:  This yo-yoing between too much sugar and too much insulin can be avoided by eating whole sugars like turbinado sugar, honey, agave and maple syrup from the get go, instead of eating the simple sugars provided by white sugar in all its forms and white flour.  When the pancreas cannot continue to provide enough insulin when simple sugars are eaten, the result is high blood sugar – an acute, serious problem.  See an M.D.


DAY 133:  We can make white glue with white flour and water.  Try it.  Then put some of the white glue you made between two pieces of paper and let it dry for a day.  After the white glue is completely dry, see if you can separate the two pieces of paper.  This experiment shows us why it is so important to eat meals with fiber in them.  If we put some of this white glue into a one-inch diameter 25-foot PVC pipe daily or even every other day for a number of years, do you think anything would be coming out the other end?


DAY 134:  The average intestines are about 25 feet long.  If we put white flour and liquid in our body frequently for a decade or so, we most probably have congestion and constipation.  It is normal to have a bowel movement for each main meal.  That means two to three bowel movements per day.  If we mix whole grain flour and water, let it dry and put it between two pieces of papers, the next day the two papers will easily separate.


DAY 135:  100% whole grain flour (on the ingredient label) and fluid does notmake glue.  Try it!  Mix the bread with water.  Spread it between two pieces of paper, and let it dry.  You will be able to separate the paper easily.  Eating grain products that are “100% whole wheat” or “100% whole grain” on the ingredient label – without gluten added – will help keep us from having constipation.  Better yet, don’t eat bread of any kind.  The “staff of life” in the Bible was “100% whole grain” cooked on hot bricks in the sun.  There isn’t much nutrition left in food cooked over 180 degrees.  For more information read the Constipation section in the Digestive heading.


DAY 136:  Congestion in the gut can lead to constipation and a low pH/acidic environment in the intestines.  Only bad anaerobic bacteria, virus, fungi and parasites are able to live for long in a low pH/acidic environment.  But the probiotic bacteria that digest our food can only live for long in a high pH/alkaline environment.  When we eat more alkaline food, like bitter greens, to change the pH of our intestines, beneficial probiotics are able to live there and digest our food.


DAY 137:  We are what we eat and what our intestines can absorb.  Congestion and constipation can in time lead to damage and infection in the gut, which in turn can lead to serious problems like leaky gut syndrome, IBS, ulcerative colitis and Crohn's Disease.  T = Add one to two tablespoons of Lifeway kefir at each meal, and take 1/8 teaspoon or half of a capsule daily of Garden of Life's Primal Defense, a PREbiotic.


DAY 138:  T = Eating fermented food can also help prevent or lessen intestinal pain.  Smoothies will help the damaged gut absorb nutrients better, and anti-infective super foods will help the body remove infection and infestation.  P = Add the Intestines portion of the Smoothie section in the Budget heading to your smoothie.


DAY 139:  MEAT:  Polar bears and Kodiak bears are larger than other brown/grizzly bears because they eat more meat.  Further, archeologists determine whether a civilization is young or in decline by the diet they ate.  A young, vibrant civilization eats meat, herbs and berries.  They are hunter gatherers.  Civilizations in decline, like the Roman Empire at its end, eat predominantly bread.  The Roman Empire ate whole grain bread cooked on hot bricks.  It’s your choice.  Do you want a young, vibrant body or not?


DAY 140:  Wild animals always eat the organs first, the brain, heart, liver, kidneys, adrenals, pancreas and spleen.  In hunter gatherer societies, the best hunters ate the organs, their friends ate the muscle meat, and the rest of the tribe soaked the bones in soup for the marrow.  Try this experiment.  Leave out for wild animals a pile of white flour, a slice of white bread and a small pile of raw meat.  The meat will be gone immediately.  The white bread might be eaten later by the wild animal’s friends.  And the white flour probably won’t disappear at all.


DAY 141:  A well-known, over 10-year vegetarian QRA practitioner said he began eating meat again because he was “afraid he had damaged his muscles”.  Another over fifteen-year vegan QRA practitioner became quite ill from insufficient good oils and fats.  Oils and fats are used mostly by the brain, the heart, the intestines and every cell wall in the body.  When the body receives transfats/hydrogenated oils, the cell walls will be less permeable - which makes it harder for food to get in and toxins to get out of each cell.


DAY 142:  Pass on that product if:

1.   The ingredient label is so long that you would rather not read it. 

2.   You cannot read the words on the ingredient label because they are so long.  Those ingredients are most probably chemicals.


DAY 143:  GALLBLADDER REMOVED, T&P = as long as you take it:  The gallbladder stores bile to excrete into the small intestines to digest the fats in a meal. The gallbladder also coats toxins (which are very acidic) with bile for painless removal through the intestines.  But we can take ¼ teaspoon of lecithin or three to four drops of PRL’s Limonine in a liquid at least once a day at the fattiest meal to digest fats so that our skin and other tissue do not dry out.


DAY 144:  DRY SKIN:  T = Cook only in butter, coconut oil, lard or olive oil, because they will not turn into transfats when exposed to high heat.  Take a small capsule of fish oil when you eat out.  Heating Omega 6s over 180 degrees for any length of time can turn these oils into transfats.  Many people need “an oil change”, but it takes about six months to begin to see a difference in the hair and skin (inside and outside of the body).


DAY 145:  DRY SKIN:  As a toxin, transfats are taken to the liver and sent to the gallbladder.  Transfats, manmade, processed and deodorized oils can gum up our gallbladders.  READ ALL INGREDIENT LABELS on the processed food that you allow into your body.  Eat only cooked olive oil, coconut oil, butter and lard.  P = Add the Liver portion of the Smoothie section in the Budget heading to your smoothie.


DAY 146:  SIDE OF THE HEAD PAIN (or above the eyes) usually comes from a gallbladder in trouble that is overflowing its toxins up and down its very long meridian on both sides of the body from above the eyes down to the baby toes.  T = Build up your fluid intake one ounce per three to five days up to ¾ your weight in ounces.  Eat only cooked olive oil, coconut oil, butter or lard.  A gummed up gallbladder problem also shows up as pain between the shoulder blades in the upper back and at the rotator cuffs.


DAY 147:  SIDE OF THE HEAD PAIN:  The leg strength training machine that has us pushing our knees and upper legs out while sitting will help to move toxins out of the gallbladder meridian.  The gallbladder meridian can be quite sore especially with pressure or stretching.  Start with one set with three repetition for each leg at an easy weight and build up very slowly over 12 months.  P = To my knowledge gallbladder pain can only be stopped more quickly using herbs and mudpacks or surgery.


DAY 148:  SIDE OF THE HEAD PAIN:  If the pain is already frequent and intermittent or constant, this pain has become an acute problem.  See an M.D.  But gallbladder surgery will not clear the gallbladder meridian.  That will still take time to subside after the bad oil is not eaten any more.  You should be able to do mudpacks on either foot a once a week.  Take turns.  The strength exercises should move toxin down to the feet for removal within a week for you to do another mudpack.  See the Removal of Toxins Without Burdening the Detox Organs paragraph, #2, in the Anti-Aging heading for how to do mudpacks.


DAY 149:  9th TOPIC:  How Does QRA Testing Work?  QRA is the next generation of muscle testing that is similar to but more precise than pressing down on the arm as some chiropractors do.  QRA testing uses the fingers of the hand and yes/no questions and/or sample products to precisely ask the body questions about (or test) its needs.


DAY 150:  QRA was invented in China by a Chinese doctor to locate cancer in the body.  QRA was then further developed by pioneer scientists and Nobel Laureates who studied and mapped the body’s healing and regeneration patterns.  After that QRA was proven by 23 University tests.  QRA is a holistic, unique, comprehensive and incredibly effective system of testing the body.


DAY 151:  There are many questions that laypeople can ask themselves with QRA that will significantly boost their health.  I believe everyone should learn and daily use QRA.  To use QRA, have a friend form a CIRCLE with a thumb and the third finger – not a duck’s bill, a circle - with their palm facing up.  QRA uses finger tips because that is where the meridians end – not at the finger print area.  Close one hand around your friend’s thumb and one hand around the finger.  Leave no air holes.


DAY 152:  If your friend is much stronger, choke up on their finger and thumb.  Do not bend your wrist, elbows or shoulders and keep your upper arms fairly tight to your chest.  Move both whole arms in an UPSIDE DOWN break the egg movement – slightly moving your hands upward and outward.  This is not a strength exercise.  Do not pull outward.  If your friend’s finger and thumb do NOT slightly part, have your friend switch to the fourth finger.


DAY 153:  You can even switch to the baby finger and thumb if you are testing a body builder.  Or move to the first finger and thumb if your friend has poor arm strength – which is often indicative of toxins draining out of the head and/or neck, like happens with draining infection in the mouth.


DAY 154:  Have your friend hold their other arm out at arm’s length holding a hair dye product.  To QRA test the product, try to separate their finger and thumb.  Henna products generally test strong.  The fingers will hold tight/strong.  Any products with metals like aluminum in them usually test weak.  The fingers will separate slightly.  The should only be a slight separation of about ¼ to 1/2 inch.  Any more than 1/2 inch and you need to use a stronger finger or the other hand or you are pulling too hard.


DAY 155:  Products that test weak will weaken your body.  Products that test strong will strengthen your body.  QRA test everything you intend to put in or on your body.  Over the years toxins build, especially if we are not drinking half our weight in acceptable liquid per day.  You and your friend can save yourselves a lot of pain by forming this QRA testing habit when you buy anything to put on or in your body.


DAY 156:  Have your friend put his/her hands on his/her hips.  Then have your friend put one hand’s baby finger where their thumb tip was, and remove the other hand from the hips.  And push firmly with that baby finger.  Have them make the QRA testing circle with the fingers of their other hand.  See if you can separate their fingers.


DAY 157:  If you were able to separate your friend’s fingers, put a container of powdered organic turmeric, Pomegranate Power (not for diabetics) or raw kidney beans in their pocket.  Now QRA test that point again.  That point should hold strong.  P = Slowly add the kidney portion of the Smoothie section in the Budget heading to his/her smoothie.  That is the testing point for the kidneys.


DAY 158:  QRA testing will show the same weaknesses and needs of the body in the same places by various different practitioners.  BUT there are a few conditions that can make QRA testing invalid.

1.   If QRA testing is done near large machinery - like a refrigerator or a hospital machine under or near the bed that is helping the person being tested/the testee.

2.   A lot of metal on the testee.

3.   Tektite, semi-precious or precious stones being worn by the testee.

4.   The head fields of the person doing the testing/the tester do not hold strong.  These head fields are: the middle of the forehead, the point opposite the forehead point in the back of the head and the top center of the head.  The tester can hold these points strong by wearing at least a ¾” diameter piece of Texas tektite, a sufficient amount of semi-precious stones or a QCI vial in a hat.  Probably the cheapest is a stone with citrine in it.  I have several from a lapidary store that work well.  They are about one inch in diameter and retailed at $5 each.

5.   If the tester is very stressed or upset.


DAY 159:  T = could recur if whole/sea salt is not used daily.  PINWORMS, THRUSH AND HAIR LOSS IN CHILDREN:  Add ¼ to ½ teaspoon – depending upon size of the child - of (preferably pink) sea salt at Sprouts, Whole Foods or PRL daily to the diet.  CAUTION:  Whole sea salt IN ADDITION TO the iodized salt in processed food may be a total of too much salt.  Salt can be hard on struggling kidneys.


DAY 160:  PINWORMS, THRUSH AND HAIR LOSS IN CHILDREN:  CAUTION:  Ask your healthcare practitioner if your child’s kidneys are working well.  Kidneys that are not happy usually hurt.  Have your child put his hands on his hips.  Have him push in with the tips of his thumbs.  If it hurts, his kidneys probably would like some help, either sufficient fluid (which is common), superfood or herbs.  P = Slowly add the Kidney portion of the Smoothie section in the Budget heading to his smoothie.  Three months later slowly add the liver portion.


DAY 161:  SALT:  Sea salt is needed most by the adrenals as fuel and the stomach to make hydrochloric acid (HCL) to digest our food.  Iodized salt has iodine, which we need, but iodized salt does not have the 82 trace minerals that sea salt has, which the body needs to build bone.  We should opt for sea salt, but add iodine in our diet as in seaweed.


DAY 162:  BROWN SPOTS ON THE SKIN:  100% pure organic raw cocoa butter at, rubbed onto the skin at least daily will gradually lighten dark spots, scars and soften rough skin and wrinkles.  This is an excellent oil that your body will love!  It tastes good too, but it is highly caloric.  Store cocoa butter in the refrigerator.  Remove a bit from the fridge, let sit on the counter until room temperature, and it will rub on easily.  Cocoa butter is liquid at our skin’s temperature.  Or you can use Palmer's Coco Butter Formula, that tests great.


DAY 163:  VAGINAL YEAST INFECTION:  T = Give yourself a douche with a half teaspoon of colloidal silver in two cups of water once a week OR a half teaspoon of Braggs apple cider vinegar in two cups of water once every three days.  Use colloidal silver prepared the A.C. not the D.C. way, which has too large of particles.  Always use a condom and (less sure) douche as above after sex to prevent acquiring someone else’s systemic candida.  P = Slowly add the Intestines portion of the Smoothie section in the Budget heading to your smoothie.


DAY 164:  10th TOPIC:  Our Emotions Can Help us Heal or Help us Die.  Our emotions affect our bodies every bit as much as they affect our social lives.  Believe it or not, healing our emotions is more important than anything else we can do for our bodies.  We can work and work and work at healing our bodies, but if we don’t love and forgive ourselves, we will NOT heal.


DAY 165:  Forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves.  Forgiveness removes burdens from our hearts and pain from our bodies.  I have heard forgiveness talked about in many ways.  Here are a few of my favorites. 

1.   Unforgiveness allows someone else to live rent free in our heads.

2.   Hurts are baggage we carry around with us.  If we want to take a trip, we couldn’t afford it – because of all of our baggage.

3.   We do not need to examine the garbage (hurts) to throw it out.  Every single time a painful thought enters your mind, say (out loud if you are alone) ‘delete delete’.  You may do this a lot at first.  But the ‘delete deletes’ will gradually subside.  Don’t give up.  You are worth the effort and the time! or simply in your mind gather up all the baggage you are thinking about and throw it behind you or put it in a balloon and send it up to God.  And just keep on moving forward, doing your very best to your self and others.


DAY 166:  Forgiveness has nothing to do with other people.  Their baggage is just that:  their baggage.  Whatever you said or did, they should have let go when it happened.  That is their baggage, and you cannot help someone who does not want to be helped.  Some people hold fast to their pain.  It gives them attention.  We can lead a horse/friend to water, but we cannot make it/them drink.  Take care of yourself!  No one can give from an empty cup.  Get your cup full, so you do not notice or count when goodness flows from it.


DAY 167:  82% of 172 cancer patients in a clinic QRA tested 'no' to “Now I can be completely healthy” even though they had come to the clinic to pay top dollar to become healthy.  Every time you get up in the morning, touch the refrigerator, go to the bathroom and go to sleep, say out loud three times:  “I am getting better and better every day in every way”.  And enjoy your life!  Life isn't over just because you are sick or in pain.  The only thing we can count on in life is CHANGE!


DAY 168:  Have your friend make the QRA testing circle with his or her fingers.  Say “I love and forgive myself” three times in succession.  Test your statement by QRA testing/trying to separate your friend’s fingers.  If his or her fingers separate, say “I love and forgive myself” at least 25 times a day for at least a month.  Then ask your friend to test you again to see if you have fixed the problem.


DAY 169:  Spend time daily doing whatever relaxes you and makes YOU happy.   Adopt a calm, quiet, low key, very relaxed pet; and watch Dog Whisperer on TV.  I am grateful to the Dog Whisperer for reminding me to keep taking long, calm deep breaths when I am stressed until I calm down.  Try it.  It works!


DAY 170:  Smile, it’s catching.  Smiling makes us happy.  When we are happy, endorphins are released, which makes us feel better.  But when we are sad, our serotonin level goes down. Serotonin is the “feel good” hormone. Muscle testing says eating foods high in serotonin does test to raise brain serotonin levels, but this is a food so give it a few months.  Eat two tablespoons daily of walnuts, pine nuts or sunflower seeds. Collect and watch movies that make you laugh.  Give and receive funny and inspirational emails.  Garden and listen to the birds.  Walk in natural surroundings and watch the animals, plants and sky.  Go to church.  Get quiet and listen – not talk to - God.


DAY 171:  You may think you are miserable and getting worse, but don't say that out loud.  But when you think of something nice or funny, say that out loud.  And don't be afraid to laugh loudly and long - no matter what your teeth look like.  I am grateful to Dr. Jan Pol. on the Incredible Dr. Pol, who reminded me to keep on laughing.  Laughter is medicine for the soul.  Laughter attracts people much more than bad teeth or extra weight repels them.  The worse you feel, the better you should dress, and put on your make up – just for you.  You are worth it!  Act as if.  Fake it ‘til you make it.


DAY 172:  Neither the brain nor the body work well when overworked or in hyper drive.  As the brain and body begin to calm down and heal, they become more efficient in less time.  Be consistent, and you can and will become Cesar Milan’s calm, assertive – and healthy - pack leader.  Get up determined to have a super day, a great week, a perfect month and an even better year!


DAY 173:  UNCONTROLLABLE EMOTIONS:  Having difficulty controlling emotions is our adrenals trying to help us out with some hormones.  The adrenals need a sufficient amount of several things in order to function properly:  water, sea salt, live source B vitamins (greens), zinc (high in shellfish, beef and pork) and five hours of uninterrupted sleep nightly.  P = Slowly add the Fatigue portion of the Smoothie section in the Budget heading to your smoothie.


DAY 174:  MUSCLE PAIN - chronic:  T = We can TOPICALLY/on the skin apply zeolite minerals to slowly move built up toxins to the liver and out thru the intestines.  Use a small air tight container with a lid.  Put 1½ ounces/three level tablespoons of a nontoxic hand and body lotion like Avalon or Jason’s in the container.  These lotions can be purchased at Sprouts and Whole Foods.  Thoroughly stir in ¼ level teaspoon of Zeolite @ www.zeolitehealth. com.  I DO NOT RECOMMEND TAKING ZEO MINERALS INTERNALLY/EATING IT.


DAY 175:  MUSCLE PAIN - chronic, CAUTION:  For pain, apply this zeolite mineral lotion SPARINGLY over NO MORE THAN a 14” x 14” area OR a 6” x 6” AND a 4” x 12” area or any combination thereof.  Do NOT apply this zeolite mineral lotion more often than twice a day – or you are likely to get detox symptoms.  Also do not lie down within two hours after you have applied zeolite minerals.  Gravity moves the toxins down if we are sitting up or standing, but we are likely to get a headache if we lie down.  Do not apply zeolite minerals above the waist for five hours before you go to bed.  The toxins stirred up by the zeolite minerals then have access to your head, rather than your feet.  And you are very likely to get a headache.  For best results, apply before noon.


DAY 176:  MUSCLE PAIN - chronic, CAUTION:  The more we rub, the more toxins will come out; and the more likely we are to get detox symptoms.  If you get flu-like detox/cleansing symptoms, the zeolite mineral mixture you made is detoxing you too fast.  Use less, rub less and use it less often.  Temporary fix:  Drink 24 to 40 ounces of extra fluid – if you are already drinking half your weight in ounces per day.


DAY 177:  MUSCLE PAIN - chronic:  If this zeolite mineral mixture you made does NOT seem to work, the pain is either coming from a toxic site elsewhere that is full of toxins and is spilling over into the areas around it – including the painful area.  Or, the toxin is ‘embedded’ in the painful site or in the site that is spilling over.  The painful site could also be reflecting from any one or more (especially old) trauma or surgery sites on your body – even though they probably are not painful.  Stop using the zeolite mineral cream, and read Day 178.


DAY 178:  MUSCLE PAIN - chronic:  Instead of the zeolite mineral cream, lightly massage in two to five fingertips (See Muscle Pain/Essential Oils above.) of Bakul essential oil at one site each time every third to fifth day.  The deeper we massage, the more likely we are to have detox symptoms.  Take turns with the sites, and take your time.  LIGHTLY massage the painful site and the trauma or surgeries sites one at a time twice each.  Pay particular attention to traumas or surgeries on the center line front and back of your body, like a C-section, spinal surgery or nose surgery.  Get Bakul Attar at Lala Jagdish Prasad & Co., or


DAY 179:  MUSCLE PAIN - chronic:  CAUTION, Bakul essential oil can burn sensitive areas, like the eyes and genitals.  Do not apply there.  If you detox too fast, apply the Bakul essential oil less frequently.  After you have applied Bakul essential oil to all of your trauma and surgery sites twice each, then switch back to using the zeolite mineral lotion and strength exercises to move the toxins that the Bakul loosened up.


DAY 180:  MUSCLE PAIN – chronic:  P = strength exercises and a smoothie.  The usual culprits that are draining toxins are the teeth, liver and areas around the intestines from the intestinal overflow of toxins into the entire pelvic area.  The best guess if you are not sure, generally start with a smoothie for the intestines and slowly add the liver two months later.


The above is pretty much all I can think of that can help you without individual QRA testing  of your specific problems.  God speed you to great health!  And may your fondest dreams come true!


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