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by Cheryl Ann Stopper, CSUN M. A. in Special Education Dr. Stopper is a traditional Doctor of Naturopathy, who taught school for 14 years, and tutored reading for 13 years.
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 TOPICS ON THIS PAGE:   ANTI-AGING, including Removal of and Sources of Toxins

A.     Anti-Aging Has Been a Topic of Much Research.
B.     Quantum Reflex Analysis, QRA, is a Unique…
C.     Pain is a Good Example of a Symptom of a Problem.
D.    To Get a More Permanent Youthful Outside Appearance…
A.     HELP YOURSELF:  Eat High Quality Food and Supplements.
1.    RAW FOOD

A.    Essential Raw Food for Excellent Health

B.    Enzyme and Mineral Loss in Cooking Food









A.    TEST YOURSELF To Learn Your Basic Ayurvedic Constitutional/Body Type…

B.    1/3 to ½ Green Leafy or Flower Vegetables

C.    1/3 to ½ Protein        

D.    1/5 to ¼ Starch

E.    Three to Five Servings per Week of Fruit

B.     Remove Infections

C.     Remove Toxins


A.    The Liver and Intestines


a.     A Sluggish Gallbladder is Overload with Toxins.



a.     The Adrenals Cannot Balance Fluid.....

b.    The Body Cannot Get Rid of its Toxic Waste Well....

c.     We Should Have as Many Bowel Movements….

d.    Our Bodies Need at Least Half of Our Weight in Ounces of Fluid Daily.

B.    The Kidneys



iii.    CAUTION


C.    The Lungs




D.    The Skin


A.      QRA Testing Shows that Mudpacks Remove Approximately 85%...

B.      There are Many Types of Mudpacks.

C.      Thus Mudpacks Are the Safest Way to Remove Toxins.

D.      PRL's Medi-Body Pack is Super Charged…

E.      Skilled QRA Practitioners Pinpoint:










ii.     CAUTIONS

a.     Mudpacking Anywhere Other Than the Feet or Hands…

b.    Do Not Apply More Than One Mudpack Every Five to Seven Days. 

c.     First Apply a Teaspoon of Mud.

d.    Second Apply a Tablespoon of Mud.

e.     Do Not Lie Down for at Least Three Hours.

f.      Drink an Extra Ten to Fifteen Ounces of Fluid.

g.    Always Wear Laytex or Plastic Gloves.

h.    Medi-Body Pack May Stain Clothing.


a.     Drink Another Extra 10 - 20 Ounces of Fluid.

b.    Eat.

c.     Walking a Mile or Two.

G.    All Other Types of Mudpack Put Mud on Two or More Areas.


a.     When the Detox Organs are Overloaded…

b.    It Commonly Takes Years for These Scars…

c.     Eventually These Organs and Glands Become Toxic.

d.    Thus, Areas that Need to be Mudpacked are Often Not Painful.

1.)  Fatigue normally points to problems in the adrenals.

2.)  Stomach problems are often caused by interference fields…


a.     The Thyroid May Wish to be Mudpacked by Itself.

b.    The Thyroid Could Also Have an Interference Field.

c.     Or the Thyroid May Wish to be Mudpacked with Other Chakras.



A.      Ingestion through the Mouth.





B.    Absorption through the Skin.




C.    Inhalation through the Nose.




A.    Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco

B.    All Grain Products That Do Not Say “100% Whole Grain” on the Ingredient Label

C.    Processed Sugar

D.    Cooked Omega 6 Oils

E.    Milk and Milk Products

F.     Carbonated Beverages

G.    Monosodium Glutamate, MSG, and Aspartame

H.    Processed Food



J.     Be Aware of the "Dirty Dozen" Most Pesticide-Sprayed Foods.

K.    Products QRA Tested by Dr. Stopper to be Nontoxic

How to Use this Page:

1.    TEST YOURSELF:  This heading shows ways to test if you have symptoms of this condition.   

2.    HELP YOURSELF:  This heading shows ways you can TEMPORARILY relieve this problem.  However, if this problem continues, you probably have an infection.  See a QRA practitioner.

3.  TEST THIS YOURSELF:  This heading shows ways to test if I am right.

4.  The organs, glands and systems are blue.  The medical terminology, conditions, problems or infections are red, for example:

         Medical doctors separate the body into discrete parts dividing up those parts between various specialists, for example podiatrists and cardiologists.  Holistic doctors, however, view the body as an interdependent whole with each part dependent upon and supporting the other parts.  A holistic doctor sees the body as a collection of balanced, hot/infection or cold/stagnation energy fields that the holistic doctor can help the body to return to balance.  A QRA practitioner tests the body to locate and eliminate stressors to the body’s bio-field.  Then the QRA practitioner tests what, including but not limited to herbs or mudpacks, the body needs to help it heal itself.

5.    Many paragraphs refer to other headings in an effort to avoid duplication.



A.   Anti-Aging Has Been a Topic of Much Research in the last twenty years with aging defined by quantum physicists as “chaos in the bio-field”.  Anti-aging is therefore defined as coherence within the bio-field.  A bio-field is the collective energy emitted from healthy cells.  Decades of German bio-photonic research by Dr. Albert Fritz-Popp, et. al., has proven that the body’s bio-field is more important than the body’s biochemical processes.  Today many scientists believe the secrets of regeneration and healing lie more within healing the body’s bio-field than in medical drugs or treatments.


B.   Quantum Reflex Analysis, QRA, is a Unique, highly effective, comprehensive system of testing and analyzing the body’s bio-field to determine the areas of need in the body and the herbal  products each area prefers to raise each cell's energy in that area of the body.  Skilled QRA practitioners are able to accurately analyze bio-field stagnations and disruptions to organs, glands, systems and bones, etc., that may be suppressing the body’s bio-field and physiology.  Disruption in a bio-field is believed to be the true root cause of most chronic pain and health concerns.  QRA testing is able to show growth in a body’s bio-field as treatment progresses, as much as an inch a month. 


C.     Pain is a Good Example of a Symptom of a Problem.  Aspirin will TEMPORARILY stop a pain - the symptom.  But stopping the symptom of a problem does not stop the cause of the pain.  Thus the pain will come back at some later time, because aspirin only “kills the messenger” of the problem - the pain.  Continuing to take aspirin for a pain ignores the problem, which will normally get worse over time.  Similarly, wrinkles and painful knees, for example, are a couple of outward signs - or SYMPTOMS - that aging bodies have.  Wrinkles are a symptom that ALL of the skin of the body - inside and outside - is drying out and losing its elasticity, indicating a need for either or all of:  more fluid, good oils, progesterone and/or two drops per cooked meal of PRL's Limonine if the gallbladder has been removed (See Digestive and Oils heading).  Painful knees normally indicate a build up of toxins in the extremities or bone loss (See Bone heading).  We can apply or take something to get rid of wrinkles TEMPORARILY (See Skin heading).  And temporary changes - such as relieving a pain or changing the way we look - will make us feel better TEMPORARILY.  We may indeed even help to extend our lives a bit, because emotions do affect our physical body.  But emotions cannot feed us the nutrients needed for good health, remove toxins or stop infection.  Therefore, for the most part taking aspirin or changing the way we look will NOT extend our lives.


D.   To Get a More Permanent Youthful Outside Appearance, we must eat enough nutritious food for good health, take anti-infective herbs to help the body get rid of infections and remove toxins from our bodies.



A.   HELP YOURSELF:  Eat High Quality Food and Supplements:

         Putting low octane gasoline into a race car will make it run poorly and shorten its life.  AND putting poor nutrition into a human body will also make it run poorly and shorten its life.

1.    RAW FOOD: 

A.   Essential Raw Food for Excellent Health is not as hard as one might think.  Have at least a ½ cup smoothie for breakfast or build up to eating of your food by weight raw - or both.  A ½ cup super food breakfast smoothie is usually available to even individuals that have been chronically ill for years, because the blender has done the stomach’s job of breaking down the food (See Budget section).  Most people have been hood winked by advertising and food manufacturers into eating things that fill up the stomach but do not provide sufficient nutrition to the body for good health.  White flour for example has so little nutrient that it takes more B vitamins and enzymes to digest it than it contains.  Thus, white flour is known as a negative food.  It packs on calories while robbing the body of precious nutrients, gumming up the intestines, promoting mood swings, lowering the pH and inviting pathogens (See Digestive heading).

B.   Enzyme and Mineral Loss in Cooking Food:  All enzymes are destroyed when cooked, and all minerals and many vitamins leach out into the water used in cooking (See Digestive and Cook headings).  The following essential vitamins are water soluble and, therefore, READILY LEACH OUT of food into water while being cooked:

i.         VITAMIN C SUPPORTS THE METABOLISM OF MOOD ENHANCERS, serotonin, dopamine and epinephrine, and is critical for collagen for eyes, blood vessel walls and skin.  Vitamins C, B6 and folic acid are also destroyed by light.  Vitamin C is richest in citrus fruit.  Buy vegetable and fruit juice, for example orange juice, in cartons or white and other colored plastic containers - NOT see through containers. 

ii.        CHOLINE, a B VITAMIN, SUPPORTS FAT UTILIZATION, WEIGHT LOSS, MEMORY and brain chemistry metabolism.  Choline is richest in fish, wheat germ - only present in 100% whole grain - and uncooked egg yolk, such as in sunny side up and “three-minute eggs” (See Cook heading).

iii.      FOLIC ACID FIGHTS STRESS AND FATIGUE while supporting neurological integrity.  One to three teaspoons of powdered greens - depending upon your size and how much raw greens you eat - can be added to a morning smoothie in lieu of three daily servings of raw, quickly cooked Chinese style or lightly steamed dark green vegetables, where folic acid is most plentiful.

iv.      THIAMINE, VITAMIN B1, SUPPORTS THE NERVOUS SYSTEM AND MENTAL ATTITUDE.  Thiamine is richest in the bran and germ of grain, which is only present in 100% whole grain.

v.       BIOFLAVONOIDS, VITAMIN P, SUPPORT CAPILLARY/VEIN INTEGRITY.  Bioflavonoids are richest in organic pollen and the pulpy part of organic fruit - the white inside peel of citrus fruit.  Inorganic fruit has been show to have minimal bioflavonoids, because of poor, stressed out lifeless soils and synthetic fertilizers.  Good soil has a mesh of fungal organisms throughout that feeds plants, as well as a wealth of tiny bugs and worms that die and feed plants.

vi.      PYRIDOXINE, VITAMIN B6, SUPPORTS HORMONE BALANCE.  Pyridoxine is richest in organ meat, particularly the liver and heart, and also wheat germ in 100% whole grain.  Even if you buy inorganic muscle meat, buy organic organ meat.  All toxins are taken to the liver in cows and chickens too.  In native tribes of old, the organs of the killed animal went to the strongest hunters, while the rest of the tribe ate the muscle meat.  Bears today still often eat the organ meat and leave the rest.  Before I became a naturopathic doctor, I used to crave the back of chickens and was very disappointed when the organs had been stripped from the inside of the back.  Later I realized the organs I craved therein were the adrenals and the kidneys.

vii.    VITAMIN U IS AN INTESTINAL TRACT HEALER.  Vitamin U is richest in raw cabbage so the water the cabbage was cooked in has the vitamins.  Drink it iced.  Yum!

2.    A BASIC DIETARY GUIDE IS MORE INDIVIDUAL THAN MOST PEOPLE WOULD THINK.  I have seen some very bad standard American diets with the worst part the white flour, white sugar and hydrogenated oils.  I have also seen some very bad vegetarian diets with the worst part the white flour, hydrogenated oils and insufficient iron and live B-12.  And I have seen some very bad raw food diets with the worst part insufficient good oils, iron and live B-12 and way too much pesticided fruit.  By weight depending upon body and blood type eat:

A.     TEST YOURSELF:  To Learn Your Basic Ayurvedic Constitutional/Body Type, called a dosha, rate the following traits as they pertained to you in the last two to three years.

i.      ASSIGN A NUMBER TO ALL THREE LINES OF EACH QUESTION - even if the number is ‘0’.  Each question must have a total of 3 points.  You may split the 3 points:  for example, 2, 1 and 0 on any three lines of a question or 1, 1 and 1 on the three lines of a question, or 3, 0 and 0 on any three lines of a question.

ii.     3 = describes me almost perfectly.  2 = describes me well.  1 = describes me a little.  0 = doesn’t describe me at all.


a.     Dry, curly, wavy or shiny

b.    Straight or fine

c.     Thick or full bodied


a.     Medium or light brown

b.    Blond, reddish or early gray

c.     Dark brown or black

v.     SKIN:

a.     On the dry side

b.    Delicate or sensitive

c.     Oily or smooth

vi.   COMPLEXION compared to others of my race:

a.     Darker

b.    More reddish or freckled

c.     Lighter

vii.  BUILD compared to others of my height:

a.     Smaller bones

b.    Average size bones

c.     Larger size bones

viii. WEIGHT:

a.     Thin.  I don’t gain weight easily.

b.    Average

c.     Heavy.  I gain weight easily.

ix.   ENERGY:

a.     Fluctuates.  May be high or low

b.    Moderate to high.  I can push myself too hard.

c.     Steady

x.     TEMPERATURE Preferences:

a.     Dislike cold.  Am comfortable in heat.

b.    Dislike heat.  Perspire easily.  Like cool temperatures.

c.     Dislike damp and cold.  Can tolerate extremes well.

xi.   HUNGER:

a.     Can vary from excessive to no interest in food.

b.    Intense.  I need regular meals.

c.     Usually low, but can be emotionally driven.

xii.  FOOD AND DRINK preferences:

a.     Warm, moist or oily

b.    Cold

c.     Warm or dry


a.     Quick

b.    Moderately fast

c.     Slow

xiv. SLEEP:

a.     Interrupted, light

b.    Sound, moderate

c.     Deep, long


a.     Strong when romantically involved.  Low to moderate otherwise.

b.    Moderate to strong

c.     Slow to awaken, but then is sustained.


a.     Change easily.  I’m very responsive.

b.    Intense, quick tempered

c.     Even.  I’m slow to anger


a.     Anxious, fearful

b.    Irritated

c.     Mostly calm

xviii. MONEY:

a.     Easy and impulsive

b.    Careful, but I spend

c.     Tend to save, accumulate


a.     Quickly.  Enjoy more than one thing at a time.

b.    Focus sharply, discriminate.

c.     Take my time.

xx.  TASKS:

a.     Start a task, but not finish

b.    Finish what I start

c.     Tend to be methodical

xxi. MEMORY:

a.     Best in the short term

b.    Good overall

c.     Best in the long term

xxii.  SPEAKING:

a.     Quick, often imaginative or excessive

b.    Clear, precise, detailed, well organized

c.     Soothing, calm


a.     Vivacious

b.    Determined

c.     Easygoing


a.     Easily adapt to different kinds of people

b.    Often choose friends on the basis of their values

c.     Slow to make friends, but am loyal.


a.     Settled

b.    Tolerant

c.     Enthusiastic

xxvi.   TOTAL OF ALL NUMBER “a": _________

xxvii.  TOTAL OF ALL NUMBER “b”: _________

xxviii.TOTAL OF ALL NUMBER “c”: _________

xxix.   ASSESS YOUR SCORE:  If one letter’s total is 15 or more points higher than the total of each of the other two letter’s totals, this is clearly your dominant constitutional/body type – Vata, Pitta or Kapha.  If two of the letter’s totals are 0 to 15 points apart, you are a dual-dosha constitutional/body type:  Vata-Pita, Pitta-Vata, Pitta-Kapha, Kapha-Pitta, Vata-Kapha or Kapha-Vata.  If all three column totals are within 0 to 10 points of each other, you are a tri-dosha constitutional/body type.  A = Vata.  B = Pitta.  C = Kapha.

xxx.     If you are working hard to get healthy, test yourself in a couple of years.  Body types do change somewhat as our health changes.  For example, I used to be a Pitta.  Now, after a dozen years of changing my diet, getting rid of my infections and pulling all of the toxins out of my body, I test to be a Pitta-Kapha.

B.     1/3 to ½ Green Vegetables preferably raw or quickly cooked on high heat (See Cook heading).  If this is something you cannot do, down powdered greens in a ½ cup breakfast smoothie with other super foods (See Budget heading).  Take one teaspoon of powdered greens daily if you eat raw vegetables several times a week.  If you never eat raw vegetables, use a tablespoon of powdered greens daily.  Powdered greens are grasses - which are sweet.  If the greens you purchase do not taste or smell sweet, they have probably been pesticide sprayed.  Those greens will not help your body heal or keep it healthy.  PRL’s Greens Mix tastes quite good just mixed in water to those who like avocados.

C.     1/3 to ½ Protein:  Most of the people I test not only do not drink enough fluid, they do not eat enough protein - especially animal protein.

i.      A FEW VATA BODY TYPES HAVE QRA TESTED TO PREFER ALL VEGETABLE PROTEIN, but this is quite rare.  Vegetable protein includes raw seeds, raw nuts, mushrooms, eggs and beans and rice eaten together.  It is important to note here that Vatas tend to need less animal protein, however, also note that Vatas should avoid rice and beans.  A few times a month may be okay, but that would need to be QRA tested.  Cooked seeds and nuts have damaged oils which cause problems in the gallbladder and its meridian.  Cook beans and rice under 180 degrees to get better nutrition from them.  With beans and rice this takes over an hour on #1 on the stove.  Grassy greens also have lots of protein.  Grassy greens are monocots, which are plants that grow like grasses such as spinach, kale, collard, cilantro, chard and broccoli.  Grasses do not branch.  Plants that branch are vines, bushes and trees.

ii.     I ALSO HAVE QRA TESTED PITTA BODY TYPES, usually O positive body types, whose bodies wanted five to ten ounces of animal protein per day - including red meat.  Red meat has the most iron.  Without sufficient iron, we become anemic with low energy.  Meat is red because of its iron content.  Without sufficient iron, the body cannot make sufficient red blood cells.  Red blood cells carry the oxygen around in the body.  Disease cannot survive in a high oxygen environment.  Protein is needed to BUILD AND REPAIR TISSUE. I have tested a number of Vata body types whose fatigue was considerably relieved - and sleeping hours cut - by simply adding red meat to their diet.  So cut down on the starches and the fruit to eat at least 1/3 of your food BY WEIGHT animal protein if you are:

      a.     An ‘O’ body type.

      b.    A Pitta body type.

      c.     Have parasites - eat especially red meat.

      d.    Consider yourself a body builder.

      e.    Do more than an hour a day of any type of strenuous exercise, like running.

      f.   Receiving at least two deep tissue massages per month.

      g.  Are doing more than one mudpack per week.

D.     1/5 to ¼ Starchy Vegetables:  Sweet potatoes and yams (without marshmallows) are great.  Cut the sweet potato in ¼ inch slices vertically.  Steam them until they can be speared with a fork and the fork comes right back out easily without picking up the slice of yam or potato.  A recent study on weight control says to eat starches only in the evening.  Starches are complex carbohydrates that take several hours to break down into simple sugars, so they will hold you through the night and keep you from waking up hungry in the night.  But eat the starches at least a couple of hours before you go to bed, or your body will wake you up to digest your food.  Starches and fruits fuel the body.

E.    Optional:  Three Servings per Week of Fruit are probably okay if you are not diabetic or hypoglycemic.  Trees and bushes take most of the summer to grow their sweet, delicious fruit, which until modern times was not available at any other time than late summer.  Almost everyone I test wants much less fruit than most people would think.  I had a client that after a few months decided on his own to become a fruitarian - eating only fruit.  When he arrived for his next consultation, every one of his detox organs wanted more herbal support than usual.  A couple of his detox organs wanted to be mudpacked, and others needed more support before they could even be mudpacked.  I also know a QRA practitioner who saw a very ill individual who had just arrived in his area two months prior from Guatemala.  The Guatemalan had been a fruitarian for some time - in Guatemala.  Sadly, the practitioner had to tell him that he would either need to return to Guatemala or change his diet.  The fruit here in the United States is too highly pesticide sprayed to be consumed on any regular basis.  Also know that President Clinton signed into law that organic produce may be sprayed in storage and still be called organic.  Sufficient anti-oxidants can be had in one daily teaspoon of POM pomegranate juice - and up to two tablespoons if you are not diabetic and have fuzzy thinking.  This is symptom/temporary help only for fuzzy thinking.  You need anti-infective herbs or Navitas Pomegranate Power for a more permanent solution (See Budget heading).


B.   Remove Infections so that first morning urine pH can stay between 6.2 and 7.0.  Just as a low, first morning urine pH is present in all chronic degenerative disease, a sustained continuous first morning urine pH between 6.2 to 7.0 is the most important step to a longer life and a more youthful appearance (See Digestive heading).  Infections and pathogens as well as heavy metals are very acidic.  A 1/10 MOVE UP THE PH LADDER, SUCH AS FROM 5.1 TO 5.2, GIVES THE BODY TEN TIMES AS MUCH OXYGEN available to the tissue.  Every cell in the body breathes, requiring oxygen as well as nutrients.  Cancer, tumors, Candida and all chronic degenerative diseases cannot survive in an oxygen rich environment (See Digestive heading).


C.   Remove Toxins:  By the time we are thirty or forty we need to take out toxins even more than we need to put in nutrients.  The normal way that the body removes toxins is through any or all of its detox organs.  When the first morning urine pH drops below 6.2, the stomach is no longer sufficiently acidic to digest protein well.  Parasites eggs and bacteria are protein.  Pathogens set up housekeeping in the gut.  An acidic environment invites fungus and virus.  Pathogens have acidic waste products that are toxic (See Digestive heading).  Pathogen waste products are common toxins, but we also take in lots of toxins through our mouths, lungs and skin.



A.     The Liver and Intestines are the body’s two main detox organs. 

i.      THE BODY FIRST TAKES ALL TOXINS TO THE LIVER.  The toxins then go through the gallbladder and into the intestines for removal through the bowel.  However, if the liver is overburdened with environmental toxins and/or pathogens, the body sends the toxic overflow first to the kidneys, then to the lungs and skin to process out of the body.  This is why getting the liver and the intestines healthy usually clears up kidney, skin and lung issues.  Cleaning the liver and intestines is helpful, but getting them healthy requires the anti-infective herbs that the body QRA tests to want.

a.     A Sluggish Gallbladder is Overload with Toxins, which then go back into the blood via the bile veins.  If the minor detox organs are unable to assist in processing the toxic load, the blood then searches for a place to store the toxins.  Toxin ladened areas become painful.

b.    CAUTION:  Liver and gallbladder flushes and coffee enemas help the body clear the liver and gallbladder, but they can shred a gallbladder that has stones. 

ii.     THE LARGE INTESTINE IS OUR FLUID RESERVOIR.  If the intestines are not receiving sufficient fluid:

a.     The Adrenals Cannot Balance Fluid throughout the body, so the skin, organs and bones dry out.  Also the adrenals become fatigued and cannot fight infection or provide energy.  When two or more organs are stressed,  first the adrenals then the thyroid step up to help - and go into stress themselves if the infections are not resolved in a timely manner.

b.    The Body Cannot Get Rid of its Toxic Waste Well so the intestines become progressively more overburdened and acidic, which invites pathogens.  Toxins building in the intestines prompt the body to produce more Candida to control the toxic load (See Digestive heading).  Candida lays down roots into the intestinal wall to better deal with the toxic overload.  The roots create holes in the intestinal wall, which creates leakage into the surrounding tissue.  The blood picks up the toxins and takes them to the overloaded liver, which tells the blood “Sorry, I’m full.  Take those toxins elsewhere.”  Thus, the toxins circulate in the blood looking for a prior trauma or fatty area in which to be stored - and the body becomes sicker and sicker.  When toxins circulate, we get headaches and other flu-like symptoms.

c.     We Should Have as Many Bowel Movements per day as we have meals.  The most common problem is insufficient fluid, which assists having more bowel movements - but build up fluid intake slowly!  The second most common problem is insufficient fiber (See Bulk section in Digestive heading).

d.    Our Bodies Need at Least Half of Our Weight in Ounces of Fluid Daily, unless we eat at least ½ of our food raw - which most people cannot.  Thus, a 120 pound person needs at least 60 ounces of fluid per day - BUT BUILD UP SLOWLY.  CAUTION:  Too much fluid too fast is hard on overburdened kidneys.  Fruit juice, milk, carbonated beverages and coffee do not count as fluid.  And the body considers fruit juice and milk to be food.  Except as babies we should not ingest milk.  We get toxins, growth hormones and cooked calcium from pasteurized milk (See Bone heading).  Fruit juice is an iffy proposition for all adults.  Most adults do not eat sufficient fiber to move toxins along in the gut.  Fruit juice has the fiber removed, and we get too many simple sugars too fast from fruit juice.  Too many simple sugars too fast is a recipe for mood swings and hypoglycemia, which can lead to diabetes.  Coffee requires additional fluid, because it is drying.  Carbonated beverages are hard on the bones, so they require more fluid also.

B.     The Kidneys:  If the body is receiving sufficient fluid, toxins sent to the kidneys will go to the bladder and out in the urine stream.  However, if there is insufficient fluid or a continuous toxic overload from the liver pouring into the kidneys, the kidneys will also begin to build up toxins and become painful and fatigued.  In Chinese medicine, the kidneys are the strength of the body - because the kidneys are the weakest link (See Kidney heading).

i.      GRAVITY ASSISTS THE TOXINS remaining in the kidneys to leak down the kidney meridian, which flows down the inside back of the legs and wraps around the inside ankle bone then to the bottom of the foot.  The bladder drains as much toxin as it can out the bladder meridian, which runs down the back of the legs to the heel and out the outside of the foot to the baby toe.  The liver meridian flows down the front inside of the leg, in front of the ankle bone and across the inside top of the foot to the big toe.  The gallbladder meridian flows down the outside of the leg and across the outside top of the foot to the baby toe.  The lung, intestine and heart meridians run down the arms to the hands.  When these meridians are swollen and sore, they are full of toxins.  THIS IS WHY MUDPACKING THE FEET AND HANDS IS SO VERY EFFECTIVE.  We can keep removing the toxins that are being delivered to the feet via gravity - but this is symptom relief only.  Scars and traumas along any meridian stops toxins from flowing down to the feet.  Toxins will then collect in these trauma areas, and they become interference fields that reflect to and sedate organs.

ii.     ALL TOXINS REMOVED BY INJECTION OR ORAL CHELATION ARE SENT TO THE LIVER, which can overload and cause the toxins to circulate with the blood looking for a prior trauma or fatty area, like the brain, in which to deposit the toxins.  QRA testing has shown that the body in its infinite wisdom will only ask for as much additional toxin removal as it can handle.  A person with lots of toxins and pain who has overburdened detox organs will QRA test to want as little as ¼ to ½ teaspoon per day of an oral chelating agent, like PRL’s Green Tea and/or Aloe Detox with its generous dose of calcium bentonite clay.  But a person who has already removed the problems from his or her liver and intestines will test to want a dose as high as a tablespoon or more.

iii.    CAUTION:  If the body’s first morning urine pH is below 6.0 - which indicates the presence of infection, commonly in the liver and the intestines - with chelation the toxins will move deeper into the body, going from fatty tissue into muscle and then into bone.  Purchase a pH paper roll, and test your first morning urine pH twice a week when doing chelation to help stabilizes your pH between 6.2 - 7.0.  The easiest and cheapest way to raise pH is to build up on powdered greens.  Good powdered greens can detox the liver pretty fast.  Start with ¼ teaspoon and raise the dose another ¼ teaspoon every three to five days.  If you experience any headachy or flu-like detox symptoms, wait more days before increasing the dose.  I have tested a number of pesticided powdered greens, so I only recommend PRL’s Greens Mix, which does come in capsules.

iv.   DETOXING TOO FAST CAUSES CIRCULATING TOXINS, which can give headaches and flu like symptoms.  Many alternative practitioners believe this is what Fibromyalgia is - the body moving around toxins that it is just too tired or too full of to excrete.  When we run out of fat or past trauma areas to deposit toxins into, our bodies deposit toxins into muscle - and we have pain. Overloaded detox organs also cause headache and body ache from circulating toxins trying to find a place to stay that isn’t already full.

C.     The Lungs:  If we are able to take many deep breaths as we exercise 20 minutes or more per day, the blood can send toxins to the lungs and out when we exhale.  This is most evident in transformational breathing (See Breathing Issues heading and the Deep Breathing paragraph, in the Maintain an Optimum pH Section in the Digestive heading).

i.      IF THE KIDNEYS, SKIN AND LUNGS ARE OVERBURDENED with toxins, inhaled toxins like allergens get circulated with the blood looking for an already toxic or fatty area in which to store the toxins that cannot at that time be processed out.  Then the body begins to show symptoms of toxic overload in the respiratory system, like sinus and lung congestion and pain.

ii.     TOXINS OVERFLOWING FROM THE LIVER BUILD UP in the muscles between the ribs, causing stiff, inflexible and sore muscles.  When the diaphragm lowers to pull air into the lungs as we breathe, less air is able to be brought into the lungs because of a failure of the ribs to expand.

iii.    WHEN THE BODY STORES TOXINS IN BONES, the bones over time become infected, brittle and break more easily.  When the body store toxins in muscles, it hurts to move.  Therefore, the body prefers to store toxins in fat, because there is little or no pain until the fat is so full of toxins that it has compacted.  Unfortunately, the brain and breast tissue are more than 60% fat, making them the body’s preferred sites for toxin storage.

D.     The Skin:  If we are using a dry sauna, particularly an infrared red sauna, or we are able to exercise sufficiently to sweat as we exercise, the blood will send some of the toxins out through the skin all over the body.  The sweat I collected on myself in a dry sauna did indeed QRA test to be toxic.  Putting anything on your skin that you are unwilling to put into your mouth increases the skin’s toxic load.  Overburdened skin will begin to have problems such as pimples, rashes and eczema.

2.    REMOVAL OF TOXINS WITHOUT BURDENING THE DETOX ORGANS:  In the hands of a skilled QRA practitioner, mudpacks have exquisitely evolved to pinpoint areas of need and gently and thoroughly detoxify the body without further overloading our detox organs. 

A.     QRA Testing Shows that Mudpacks Remove Approximately 85% of the toxins from the mudpacked area exogenously through the skin, leaving only 15% of the toxins in that area for the blood to pick up and send to the liver.  THEREIN LIES THE BEAUTY OF MUDPACKING.  Chronically ill people normally have sluggishly working detox organs that are able to handle the remaining 15% of the toxins, which are picked up by the blood and circulated throughout the body on their way to the liver, through the gallbladder and the intestines then out in a bowel movement.  More than ever, it is now possible to release the body's inherent, powerful biological energy circulation matrix that is capable of speeding up renewal and regeneration in our bodies.

B.     There are Many Types of Mudpacks that the body may need.  A skilled QRA practitioner is able to test the body to see which of the many types of mudpacks the individual needs at that time.  Mudpacks are hierarchical, with a single area mudpack to the feet and hands among the most commonly needed mudpacks by chronically ill individuals just beginning a mudpack regimen.

C.     Thus Mudpacks Are the Safest Way to Remove Toxins, but probably the most labor intensive way.  While a healthy body can exercise to remove toxins that are causing pain, a chronically ill body cannot.  I commonly tell my clients “if you do not feel better after you exercise, you are beating a very tired horse - your adrenals”.  When we exercise, the body gets warm and the blood moves around faster, carrying toxins away from a toxic and perhaps painful site to the detox organs.  The sicker an individual is the longer it will take them to heal and the more imperative it is that the safest way to remove toxins be utilized.  Commonly clients are able to do one mudpack every three or four days, but about one in ten clients must wait for a month or two before they are even healthy enough to do mudpacks without getting detox symptoms.

D.     PRL's Medi-Body Pack is Super Charged with volcanic and kaolin clays, peat magma, shilajit and cleansing herbs.  PRL’s Medi-Body Pack is so effective that if we put them on a larger area than the surface area of the foot, we are likely to have flu-like cleansing symptoms.  If another brand of mudpack allows you to put it on a larger part of your body or even bathe in it, and you have not gotten flu-like detox symptoms, exactly how effective do you think that particular brand of mudpack is?  PRL’s mudpacks do QRA test toxic when they are ready for removal from the body - so you can be certain that toxins have indeed been removed.

E.     Skilled QRA Practitioners Pinpoint:

i.      THE SITES NEEDING MUDPACKING at that time.

ii.     THE FLUID NEEDED FOR MUDPACKING - usually vinegar or PRL’s DetoxND, if there is or has been metal in the teeth - or anywhere else in the body.

iii.    ANY TERMINUS POINTS OF DEPOLARIZED PATHWAYS that must be packed at the same time.


v.     WHETHER AND EXACTLY HOW MUCH HCL IS NEEDED in the mudpack because of infection at the site or that has drained into the site.

vi.   EXACTLY HOW LONG THE MUDPACK SHOULD STAY on for maximum effectiveness.

vii.  WHETHER THE MUDPACK WANTS HEAT APPLIED for maximum effectiveness in reaching deep into the body.

F.    HELP YOURSELF:  It is safe for you to mudpack only your feet and hands at home without the supervision of a skilled QRA practitioner.  This type of mudpacking does definitely reduce the body’s toxic load.  But it is symptom relief only, because mudpacking the feet and hands does not stop the cause of the toxins being produced in the body, such as the excrement of infections and parasites as well as leaking metal.  Leaking metal is an infection enabler because it is so acidic.  Metal makes the environment friendly for pathogens, because pathogens can only live in an acidic environment - which is oxygen poor. 

i.      THE BODY IS A BIOCHEMICAL CONTINUUM wherein an old trauma site will pull down areas around it as it gets more toxic.  For example, a problem may start with painful feet.  A few months to years later the ankles often become painful.  Later the knees become painful and then the hips, etc.  Consider the blood that in a healthy person makes a complete circuit of the body every three minutes.  The blood moves down the body with the help of gravity to the hand or foot carrying waste collected from other cells and food for the cells at the extremities.  When the blood reaches the bottom of the arm or leg, it feeds the cells and picks up more waste.  Then the blood begins its arduous journey with help from only the heart’s pumping action to get back up the leg or arm against gravity.  To lighten its load the blood often drops some of its toxins there at the hand and/or foot.  Thus, toxins pool in the hands and feet showing up as swelling and pain.  Mudpacking the hands or feet will move more toxins down to the feet or hands in about a week.  Then if the hands or feet feel puffy or painful, mudpack them again in the same way.

ii.     CAUTIONS:

a.     Mudpacking Anywhere Other Than the Feet or Hands can cause a rash, headache or flu-like detox symptoms if a pathway has not been cleared to the nearest hand or foot or if the liver, intestines, and/or kidneys are taking on too much of a load.  Mudpacks are very, very effective when supervised by a skilled QRA practitioner.  In one session a three year old's bio-field jumped from 1" to 7" after mudpacking her vaccination sites and head here in my office.  The brain is a favorite place to store toxins, because it is more than 60% fat.  Another client's bio-field QRA tested to jump from 2¾ inches to 14¾ inches in eight days

b.  It makes no sense to say that the problem is aging if one knee hurts.  Isn’t the other knee - the one that doesn’t hurt - the same age?  A skilled QRA practitioner can determine which of the following are true.  The hurting knee:

          a.)  Had a trauma many years ago and has accumulated toxins that need to be removed.

b.)  Is building up toxins from an overload on the feet.

c.)   Is receiving the lion’s share of the bone loss in the body because of the accumulated toxins in the knee (See Bone heading).

d.)  Is receiving referred pain from a trauma which has become an interference field somewhere else on the body.

c.    Do Not Apply More Than One Mudpack Every Five To Seven Days.  You should have at least three full bowel movements between mudpacks.  If you get a headache or flu-like symptoms after the mudpack, lengthen the time between doing mudpacks.

d.     First Apply a Teaspoon of Mud - using a little less than 1/2 teaspoon of fluid - to the center top of your foot.  Wait five days to see if you get headachy or flu-like detox symptoms.   If you get detox symptoms, do not mudpack any more. 

e.    Second, Apply a Tablespoon of Mud - using a little less than ¾ teaspoon of fluid - to the entire top of your foot.  Wait five days to see if you get headachy or flu-like detox symptoms.   If you get detox symptoms, do not mudpack any more. 

f.     Do Not Lie Down for at Least Three Hours after doing a mudpack.  The 15% of circulating toxins may easily decide to stop off at your head instead of moving to your intestines.

g.      Drink an Extra Five to 12 to 15 Ounces of Fluid on days that you mudpack - depending upon how much fluid you are used to drinking - to help move the 15% of circulating toxins to your intestines for removal.

h.    Always Wear Laytex or Plastic Gloves to avoid moving toxins from the mudpack site to your hand.

i.    Medi-Body Pack May Stain Clothing, so consider wearing old clothes. 

iii.    USE TWO TABLESPOONS OF PRL's MEDI-BODY PACK for the top of your foot and ankle or the back of your hand and wrist - depending upon its size.  If you have no detox symptoms from this pack, the next time you pack your feet or hand use a maximum of three tablespoons of Medi-Body Pack.  Use a non-metallic container and spoon, such as a glass bowl and a plastic measuring spoon.  Open and add the contents of one to two PRL HCL capsule.  Add a little less than 1/2 the amount of  apple cider vinegar as there is Medi-Body Pack.  After stirring, THE MUD SHOULD HAVE THE CONSISTENCY OF THICK CHOCOLATE PUDDING.  If you are over 30, first put one teaspoon of the mud in a 1” circle or square ON THE SKIN at the center top of your head.  If you are bald or dye your hair, make this teaspoon of mud separately with no HCL in it.  HCL can irritate a tender scalp.  You may need to part your hair a couple of times.  Leave the mud on head and foot for at least 40 minutes.  If you get headachy or flu-like detox symptoms or to prevent detox symptoms:

a.     Drink Another Extra 10 - 20 Ounces of Fluid - IF YOU ARE USED TO DRINKING LARGE AMOUNTS OF FLUID.

b.    Eat.  Adding food to the blood dilutes the effect of detox symptoms.

c.     Walking a Mile or Two also moves circulating toxins to the liver faster - IF YOU ARE USED TO WALKING THAT FAR.

G.    All Other Types of Mudpack Put Mud on Two or More Areas at the same time.  This requires a skilled QRA practitioner to locate the specific needs of the body.  Interference fields are extremely common, routinely missed on standard practitioner evaluations and are often unresolvable with many types of treatments.  Bio-field research has recently shown that when more than one mudpack is done on the body at the same time, both areas are not only cleared of toxins but the bio-field between the two areas is aligned.  An interference field mudpack is a good example of this.

i.      AN INTERFERENCE FIELD, IF, is anything that disrupts the natural flow of bio-energy in the body.  When scars, surgeries, long past often forgotten traumas and injection sites cross meridians, the normal pathways for toxins to move to the feet and hands is blocked.  AND the natural flow of energy between organs and glands is blocked - such as between the adrenals and the brain (See Brain heading).

a.     When The Detox Organs Are Overloaded, toxins begin to pool above these scars, surgeries, traumas and injection sites - particularly in a person without much fatty tissue into which the blood can deposit toxins.  In time toxins begin to spill over into the areas below and to the sides of the scars, surgeries, traumas and injection sites instead of moving down to the feet and hands. 

b.    It Commonly Takes Years for These Scars, surgeries, traumas and injection sites to become so full that they begin to back UP with toxins along meridian pathways - all the way to that meridian’s organ.  Glands can also get backed up toxins from scars, surgeries, traumas and injection sites as far below them as a foot or more.  Over time organs and glands receiving backed up toxins from scars, surgeries, traumas and injection sites begin to show difficulty functioning.

c.     Eventually These Organs and Glands Become Toxic sites themselves that can become so impacted that infection sets in.  We can provide mudpacks and herbal support and anti-infective supplements for these organs and glands, and the organs and glands will improve their functioning.  BUT in a few months these organs and glands will become as sluggish or infected as they were before - because the cause of the problem in the organ or gland is coming from the scars, surgeries, traumas and injection sites, which have become interference fields.  To permanently solve the problem, all interference fields affecting problem organs and glands must be tracked down and mudpacked in the way that the body says it needs to be done.  This is one of the many ways that a skilled QRA practitioner is simply interpreting the body's needs by asking the body what the body currently needs to help it heal its problems.

d.    Thus, Areas That Need to be Mudpacked Are Often Not Painful.  They are areas of traumas that have been sedating the painful area for years.  A skilled QRA practitioner can easily locate these not painful interference fields that are causing pain elsewhere - commonly in the low back and the stomach.

1.)  Fatigue normally points to problems in the adrenals, because providing energy is the third job of the adrenals.  This is an example of chaos or aging within that specific defined biofield of the body - the adrenals.  After an episiotomy or back surgery scar is mudpacked, adrenals usually QRA test strong - showing coherence within the bio-field of the adrenals.  This is an example of an interference field caused by a trauma in an episiotomy that was not painful.  Commonly, adrenals need both an episiotomy and/or back surgery scar mudpacked along with anti-infective herbs for infections elsewhere in the body that are draining the adrenals.  The second job of the adrenals is to help the body quell infection (See Fatigue heading).  The job of the QRA practitioner is to be thorough in discovering the problem by asking the body the right questions and finding and thoroughly testing the right areas.

2.)  Problems in the stomach are often caused by interference fields on the front of the body, commonly C-section and hernia scars.

ii.     WHEN MULTIPLE SITES ARE MUDPACKED AT THE SAME TIME and grounded with mud on the foot, then each area between the top mudpack and the bottom of the foot are aligned.  A good example of this is chakras mudpacks.  For example:

a.     The Thyroid May Wish to be Mudpacked by Itself, if it has an overload of toxins.  CAUTION:  If the hands, feet and/or detox organs need to be mudpacked but other mudpacks, like the thyroid, are mudpacked first, the individual will get some heavy duty detox/cleansing symptoms, such as headaches, flu-like symptoms, etc.  A skilled QRA practitioner is needed to test all mudpacks other than on the feet or hands.

b.    The Thyroid Could Also Have an Interference Field reflecting to it causing sluggish functioning.  QRA testing will reveal where the interference fields are and what mudpacks are needed to clear the thyroid.

c.     Or the Thyroid May QRA Test to Wish to be Mudpacked With Other Chakras.  The thyroid is the throat chakra.  This mudpack will clear toxins from all chakras mudpacked and align the energy to and from the chakras. Then the chakras can begin to stop spinning out of control and peacefully stabilize and radiate energy.  This is similar to what happens when a person, and the thyroid itself, begins to get quite sick.  First the person begins to run around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to find the doctor that can help.  And the thyroid speeds up to help out dragging adrenals.  This hyperactivity can only go on so long before the person and the thyroid get so tired that they both slow down and become chronically ill.  In a healthy person the chakras do not spin, they simply radiate abundant energy.

i.      IT NORMALLY TAKES DOZENS OF MUDPACKS to stabilize the body, because the body is all about balance.  As soon as an area with lots of toxins has the majority of its toxins removed, toxins will flood in from surrounding areas, creating a lower overall level of toxins.  It takes a skilled QRA practitioner to track down which mudpacks each individual body wants most at any particular time.  If the body has had very few traumas, including surgeries, then many if not most toxins will flow down to the feet and can be removed with mudpacks there.  However, most individuals have multiple traumas, injections and surgeries that block energy flow.



         We take in toxins by:

A.   Ingestion through the Mouth. 

i.   PESTICIDE SPRAYED FOOD: Organic foods may now be mercury fumigated in storage and still be called organic, so organic labels are not necessarily safe.  On the other hand, a few stores are so fastidious that most of their fruits, veggies and meats test non-toxic even though they are not organic.

       a.  Costco's, Sprouts' and Whole Food's FRESH inorganic and organic veggies, fruit and meat test strong 99.9% of the time.  HEB and Randal’s FRESH ORGANIC veggies and fruit test strong about 99% ofthe time. The inorganic produce - NOT meat - at the large oriental supermarket here in Austin, Texas, MT Supermarket, tests strong about 95% of the time.  The ORGANIC fruit and veggies in WalMart tests strong about 95% of the time.  QRA testing has traced many, many clients' headaches, backaches, stomachaches and skin problems, etc., to food and many other items like shampoo, body lotion, soaps and laundry detergent.

         b.  Organic Meat Means the grain or grass the cow ate was not pesticide sprayed.  Costco's, Sprouts and Whole Food's inorganic brand of meat tests strong/nontoxic.  And in general farm raised fish tests non toxic in Costco, Whole Foods and Sprouts.  I have never found fresh fish that tested toxic.   Costco has farm raised Atlantic salmon.  However, I do not recommend salmon that has had the most nutritious part taken off.  The skin, just under the skin and the belly of salmon houses the overwhelming majority of the Omega 3s.

        c.       Because Hormones and Pesticides are Oil Solvent, they are found in the fat of meat.  Thus, when you eat inorganic meat, do not eat the fat.  Toxins also concentrate in the parts of animals - the detox organs - that are responsible for getting rid of toxins, especially the liver.  However, eating organ meat, e.g., chicken or beef liver, assists our bodies to repair those organs.  Thus, eating especially organic liver, heart, kidneys and the adrenals in the backs of chicken.  Buy organic butter, sour cream and whipping cream, as they are meat/milk fats.

ii.    HYDROGENATED OILSAdvertisers and manufacturers have made this a very tricky subject.  You can read Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill by Udo Erasmus, which has a fairly good index.  To boil the subject down as succinctly as possible, the more processed any food is, the worse that food is for us to eat.  Eat food like God gave it to us - FRESH.  Many oils on the market should be avoided.  You can safely use olive oil that comes in dark containers, real organic butter and coconut oil.

iii.   PRESERVATIVES IN MEATS, PARTICULARLY NITRATES:  if these meats are a must for you, buy organic uncured bacon and organic processed meats like salami and lunch meats.

iv.   INFECTED TEETH OR METALS in the mouth, like a root canal, often leak from the teeth.  This can produce pain on the side of the infected tooth, in the cranial area causing headaches, earaches, eye problems, and also thyroid dysfunction, low back - kidney and adrenal - pain, arm, elbow or hand pain - and on the right side, liver overload.

B.   Absorption through the Skin.  The skin is one of three minor detox organs.  Skin sweats out toxins.  And because there are openings in the skin for the sweat to go out, the skin also absorbs toxins put onto the skin.  I have tested a lot of body care products that tested good and a lot of body care products that tested toxic.  Within cheaper brand lines there are both good and toxic products.

     i.   ANTI-PERSPIRANT DEODORANT, SHAMPOO AND HAIR DYES for shine or dandruff often contain ALUMINUM.

          The shiny metals - mercury and aluminum - tend to be stored in the brain.  I have often had clients whose headaches and or backaches disappeared after stopping a particular brand of dandruff shampoo or hair dye.

     ii.   SHAMPOO FOR FRIZZY OR DAMAGED HAIR, HAND LOTIONS, SOAPS and "natural handmade" products often test toxic from great oils that have been DAMAGED IN PROCESSING/COOKING.  Unless you have learned to QRA muscle test your products, stick with the brands listed below.  Quite a few body care product manufacturers frequently heat/process essential oils, Omega 3 oils and Omega 6 oils.  Heat over 150 to 180 degrees changes these oils into toxic hydrogenated oils that are sent to the liver and gallbladder.  An overloaded gallbladder spills toxins out the gallbladder meridian which can give headaches over the eyes, sides of the head and sides of the top of the head.

     iii.  CLEANING PRODUCTS of all kinds for all purposes - including tear off sheets for the dryer - may contain a laundry list of toxins, including various METALS, petroleum, toxic oils and formaldehyde.  Most of the toxins taken in through the skin of my clients QRA test to be cleaning agents - from shampoos and hand soaps to household cleaners and harsher cleaning agents used where many people work.  I cannot caution you strong enough to:

      a.      Not Put Anything on Your Skin that You are Unwilling to Put into Your Mouth.

      b.     READ INGREDIENT LABELS.  Read Ingredient Labels.  Read ingredient labels!!!  Do not use shampoo or hair dye products with metal - and that means aluminum.  When an Omega 6 oil is cooked over 180 degrees, it becomes a trans-fat - which the gallbladder has a lot of difficulty dealing with.  Gallbladder overload means pain along the huge gallbladder meridian which starts just above the eyes, goes down both sides of the body and ends at the baby toe.

C.   Inhalation through the Nose.

     i.   ENVIRONMENTAL TOXINS, including smog, perfumes, pesticides and paint (See Breathing heading).  If you can smell it, it is going into your nose and your lungs.  Wear a mask and gloves.

     ii.  CLEANSERS OF ALL KINDS:  It is very difficult to regulate what we breathe.  But when we keep our liver as clean as possible, our bodies can deal more easily with the toxins in the air.  Eat raw or powdered greens or take PRL’s Max B.  PRL’s Max B must often be built up by the drop, especially by Vatas.  Start with one drop every two to three days.  Work up to 1/4 teaspoon per day.  PRL's Max B detoxes the liver very quickly.  Many perfumes are toxic.  Use essential oils as a perfume.  The essential oil that attracts you the most is commonly the one that your body wants the most.


A.     Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco, which severely compromise the liver and keep it from handling environmental toxins together with the toxins that go into and onto the body on a daily basis - for example pesticides on sprayed veggies, hormones in inorganic meat, heavy metals - especially lead - in the air and water of big cities, sodium laurel sulfate in shampoo and chlorine in the water.

B.     All Grain Products That Do Not Say “100% Whole Grain” on the Ingredient Label, and this includes white rice and spelt:  The key word is NOT “wheat” but “100% whole” ON THE INGREDIENT LABEL.  Many products that say “whole wheat” in the product label contain only a small fraction of whole wheat; thus “100%” IS ALSO VERY, VERY IMPORTANT (See Digestive heading).  If highly heated grain products are a must for you, Ezekiel and Food for Life bread products are made from sprouted grain, which is much healthier and lighter than other 100% whole grain bread.  Ezekiel and Food for Life have cinnamon raisin bread, cereal, tortillas, pocket bread, hamburger buns and hot dog buns.  CostCo carries a few whole grain breads.  My husband’s favorite is their Organic Sprouted Honey Wheat. It is quite good.  I have eaten it a few times with sunny side up eggs.  Habitually read ingredient labels, and purchase grain products, including cereal, with ingredient labels showing 100% whole grain, with no gluten, hydrogenated oil, partially hydrogenated oil or corn syrup as ingredients.  Long grain rice, brown rice and barley are also excellent grain alternatives.  My favorite is jasmine brown rice.

          TEST THIS YOURSELF:  Leave a couple of tablespoons of processed, white flour on the floor, counter or a protected area outside of your home for a week.  Even the bugs won’t eat it!

C.    Processed Sugar, which includes processed stevia.  Stevia is an herb.  If it is not dried or fresh leaves, do not eat it.  If you do NOT have diabetes, sweeten your food and drinks with RAW sugar, raw honey, agave, maple syrup or WHOLE HERB stevia.  Raw sugar contains all the super nutrition of molasses - just in smaller quantity.  Raw honey contains anti-infective and anti-bacterial propolis.  Honey is helpful for sore throats and can even be used as a poultice on the skin.  Agave has ½ the calories of honey but is neither good nor bad for health.  Purchase dried stevia leaves at Whole Foods, or grow stevia (or spearmint for flavoring) easily in the garden.  Steep dried or raw stevia or spearmint leaves with tea leaves.  We can also add raw stevia and spearmint to salads and smoothies.

D.  Cooked Omega 6 Oils:  Cook only in olive oil purchased in dark containers, coconut oil or organic butter - even if you buy inorganic meat.  Fat is a preferred toxin storage area of cow bodies too.  Butter is the fat of milk. (See Oils heading).

E.  Milk and Milk Products:  Except as babies we should not ingest milk.  We get toxins, growth hormones and cooked calcium from pasteurized milk (See Bone heading). 

F.  Carbonated Beverages have phosphoric acid.  Since the body is all about balance, it will flush calcium when too much phosphorus is consumed (See Bone heading as well as the water section in the Fatigue heading).

G. Monosodium Glutamate, MSG, and Aspartame (in Nutrisweet and cysteine in hydrolyzed vegetable protein): These excitotoxins can cause destruction of neurons within the brain with even low doses.  There have been many studies pointing to MSG as cause for such challenges as hyperactivity, ADD, learning challenges (LC), conduct disorder, autism, seizures, and a host of chronic degenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.  Studies show that when MSG is given to animals, there is neurological brain damage in the same areas as in Alzheimer’s patients - the hypothalamus, temporal and parietal lobes - which, incidentally, are the same areas that LC and ADD brains differ from normal.

H. Processed Food:  Do not eat food that does not come like God gave it to us, and God did not give us cans.  God did, however, give us ice, so frozen and dried - though not as good as fresh - are okay.  I caution you about dried fruits.  I know a number of people that developed cavities even from unsweetened dried fruit.  Vitamins, minerals and enzymes are lost during the commercial processing of food.  The vitamins and essential oils - PARTICULARLY VITAMIN E - in all food begin to seep out as soon as Mother Nature’s seal is broken - for example in dried not immediately encapsulated herbs, prepackaged torn lettuce, shelled seeds and nuts, flour, white rice and pealed and cut fruit.  Vitamin E is abundant in raw vegetables, seeds, nuts and grains.

i.      A VITAMIN E DEFICIENCY MAY CAUSE A DEMAND FOR AS MUCH AS 250% MORE OXYGEN.  Vitamin E is the oily vitamin, along with bioflavonoids, that PROTECTS US FROM THE SUN.  Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps skin handle stress.  Consider that cancer is the ultimate infection.  Melanoma is skin cancer. Cancer cannot survive in an oxygen rich environment.  Now consider this:  How much of the food that you eat has Vitamin E seeped out of because Mother Nature’s seal was broken before you bought it?

ii.     BRUISING EASILY IS A VISIBLE SIGN OF VITAMIN E DEFICIENCYTaking synthetic Vitamin E will NOT help.  The ingredient label must say or be a live source - like PRL’s Vitamin E.  A vitamin source without DNA cannot help to repair DNA.   Further, synthetic vitamins are but a fraction of the whole vitamin.  Like calcium, vitamins work in concert with the cofactors that they come with in nature (See Supplement and Bone headings).

I.   Be Aware of the "Dirty Dozen" Most Pesticide-Sprayed Foods.  Purchase the dirty dozen foods inorganic only in Costco, Sprouts or Whole Foods - except for grapes, strawberries and mangos, which should always be purchased organic.  In stores other than Costco, Sprouts or Whole Foods always purchase these dirty dozen foods organic.  I have enhanced the dirty dozen list, and put it in the order that in my practice has caused clients who I long before helped to get very healthy to call me with usually back pain.  QRA testing this back pain or headaches usually turned out to be overwhelmed kidneys and often also the liver and/or the gallbladder needing to be mudpacked because of eating food that had bad oils or had been pesticide-sprayed.

i.         MY EXPANDED DIRTY DOZEN LIST - in order from most to less commonly toxic - is, including when made into juices and dried fruit:  grapes, strawberries, mangos, butter, coffee, spinach, cantaloupe, cherries, wine, raspberries, blueberries, cranberries, pork, chocolate, chicken, lettuce, asparagus, bananas, nectarines, peaches, pears, tomatoes, apples, bell peppers, collard greens, celery, cilantro, kale, green onions, potatoes and sweet corn.

ii.        THE INORGANIC FOODS THAT CAN BE PURCHASED WITH MORE SAFETY and confidence are:  onion, pineapple, avocado, sweet peas in the pod, egg plant, kiwi, watermelon, sweet potatoes, grapefruit, broccoli, radishes, tangerines, oranges and cabbage.

J.     Products QRA Tested by Dr. Stopper to be Nontoxic.   In general do not put anything on your skin that you would not put into your mouth.  Because the skin is a detox organ, toxins can be removed - via sweating and mudpacks - as well as ABSORBED through the skin.  Cleaning agents are the worst offenders, including shampoo, soap, furniture cleaner, etc.  I just got a call from a long time client with a skin rash on her two year old, which upon QRA testing proved to be caused by the laundry detergent being used. Products that test nontoxic are.  I am sure there are more.  I simply have not tested them.

i.      LAUNDRY CLEANER                            

          Tide total care                                 Oxyclean stain fighter laundry detergent  

          Cheer he laundry detergent                    Method Laundry detergent 

          Laundry Miracle                               Arm and Hammer fresh linen                         

          Clorox Ultimate Care                        Clorox Fibreguard chlorine bleach

     Resolve spray and wash                   Downey Wrinkle Release

     Tide                                                Snuggle Fabric Softener      


     Tilex                                               Scrubbing Bubbles 

     Scrub Free                                      Soft Scrub

     Clorox toilet bowl                            Lysol toilet bowl

     Lime A-way                                    Mr. Clean

iii.    CARPETS  

     Febreze extra strength


     Jason                                             Avalon                   

v.     FURNITURE       

          Old English


          Jason, particularly Tea Tree, an anti-infectant 

          Tom's Deodorant                                             Kiss My Face      

vii.  WOOD FLOORS      


viii. TILE FLOORS      

          Mop and Glow


          Dawn Ultra                                     Palmolive Dish Soap




          Dove                                              Whole Foods 365 Lavender

          Ivory                                              Dial

          Irish Spring Body Wash                    Ax Body Spray


          Earth Friendly Orange Plus all purpose      409 Orange Power           

          Lysol 4 in 1